t meets again, Yao Ming is a well-deserved champion.

Because in this life without Xiao Yao
Mosaic looked left and right in the draft, but failed to pick their favorite player.
So, in desperation, Mosaic had to choose Jay Williams from Duke University.
In Su Feng’s previous life, he drove a heavy motorcycle on the highway in pursuit of excitement.
As a result, because the locomotive lost control and hit a roadside electric pole, the left knee ligament was ruptured, and three nerves in his left leg were severely injured and
almost 杭州洗浴网 lifelong amputation. emperor.
before that tragedy happened,
Williams was indeed the best guard among the 02 rookies.
In his rookie season, he was 188 cm tall and scored 26 points, 14 rebounds and 13 assists in a game with the league’s chief point guard Kidd.
And as Shane Battier’s younger brother, before the start of the draft, Williams was also recognized as the best college student in the United States.
It’s just that I don’t know if this buddy will have bad luck in this life.
Anyway, looking at
Williams , who was already so proud after wearing the champion hat, that he just went to the racing
car to celebrate, Su Feng always felt that this guy would get cold sooner or later even if he wouldn’t encounter that accident again.
After Mosaic picked Williams with the No. 1 pick
, it was the Bulls’ turn to make a difficult decision.
Because before the start of this draft, they originally planned to choose a guard, so where are there other options at this time?
In the end, after a difficult decision,
Dajuan Wagner, who would have been selected by the Cavaliers with the sixth overall pick 杭州夜生活论坛 in the first round, entered the field of the Bulls uniform.
Because he is extremely fast on the field, he can often complete a surprise attack in the blink of an eye,
so many reporters who have watched his game on the scene often use Iverson to compare with him.
However, in Su Feng’s view, this part of the reporters who claim that Wagner can match Iv

Sun Hao Xiaosun, so let’s call it Xiaoxiaosun.”

Confirmed the tone, it was Zhang 杭州夜生活论坛 instructed himself.
Sun Yue smiled and nodded, his face slightly shy.
Before learning how to make the car shake, Sun Yue was still a sunny and shy boy.
“This is the first time you have played a formal game on behalf of the national team, how about it? Are you nervous?”
Mentor Zhang suggested psychologically.
“Well, I’m very nervous, but Brother Hao told me to take out the state of chasing a girl for the first time, and I feel better.”
Zhang Weiping was taken aback after listening, and then couldn’t help laughing.
What Sun Hao said is very spiritual!
Of course, what’s more interesting is that Sun Yue said so that he couldn’t copy the original words!
Both of them are very interesting.
But let’s not say, Sun Yue’s external image is already very good, and with this answer, suddenly there are countless female fans.
“Well, tonight is the Japanese men’s basketball team. This is also our old opponent. Do you think the team can beat them tonight?”
Zhang Weiping then asked.
When Sun Yue heard this question, he had a shy expression before, and suddenly became excited.
“That’s for sure, Xiao Ri.” 杭州洗浴网
Sun Yue was only in his early 20s. It was just when he was full of blood, he blurted out his catchphrase a second.
Sun Hao was still behind him quickly, patted him on the shoulder, and while interrupting him, he also slapped the camera with cuteness.
Sun Yue was also very clever, and when he was interrupted, he remembered where the game was.
It would be a big problem if you blurt it out, maybe you have to be troubled after the game.
But his brain is bright and he reacts quickly.
“The Japanese players who have had a good little life, their strength is very good, but I believe Brother Hao and them, we will win the game.” There was a
surprising answer.
“Why do you have to win 30 points?”
However, what Sun Hao said left Sun Yue speechless for a while.
It’s better to let him blurt out in front of h


But this time, it really stabbed the hornet’s nest completely.
Barkley did not speak this time, but on the American side, the fans have already fried pot on the forum.
“We may have the opportunity to meet another All-Star vote winner with more than 2 million votes after Michael, but it is ridiculous that this time is a rookie from overseas.”
“This is really a joke, just in labor and management with Stern. The performance in the negotiation is equally ridiculous.”
“Change the NBA president, Stern is old, he completely forgot that the NBA is the American basketball league!”
“What qualifications do Asians have to be our All-Star ticket champions? En is a living capitalist, he only has money in his eyes!”
“You don’t know this guy knelt at the door for three hours in order to get the broadcast rights of China 杭州洗浴网 CCTV, he is a beggar!”
“Trash Stern, Rubbish NBA, I decided not to go to the NBA to watch football. Is anyone with me?”
“I didn’t watch it either. I haven’t been there anyway.”
“I will still watch the ball. I have a season ticket in my hand, but if Sun is the ticket king, I will not watch the All-Star Game. I was planning to go to Hawaii for vacation that weekend.”
“Compared to Well, let’s vote for Carter, Kobe, AI, and Shaq. We can’t give the vote to the king!”
“Agree +1”
“Agree +2”
“Agree +10086” The

previous questioning of the rules is because of the NBA. The star’s support for Sun Hao disappeared.
But this time, they directly began to anger Stern, and as said in the forum, they began to call on fans to vote for popular stars.
In other words, originally they didn’t want Sun Hao to become the All-Star starter, but this time, they wanted to prevent Sun Hao from becoming the All-Star vote king.
What was blocked changed, and so did the taste.
This is not just a ticket king, it has become a matter of face.
Just as most people don’t know what the second highest peak in the world is, as long as Sun Hao is not the vote king, the number 杭州桑拿按摩论坛 of mentions will be m


recruitment of these players. They don’t even have time to prepare. What’s the point of playing such a game? Players just play before the jet lag. What can they do? Even if they did not get injured, they would have completed their task.
But now they are all right. The Chinese team announced that it would not recruit four overseas players, Zhou Yi,杭州桑拿按摩网 Sun Pan, Yang Muge and Guo Nu, to participate in the World Cup qualifiers.
This worry no longer exists, but the clubs are starting to wonder why the Chinese team is not hiring anymore-they cannot understand the recruitment of players, and this is no longer the recruitment of players, they still cannot understand that 杭州夜生活论坛
He Ying is the only player called back to participate in the national team competition. , He even returned to China a week in advance to prepare for the game.
Because in Barcelona, ??he still can’t play. Since he can’t play, where can he stay and do? He simply applied to return to China in advance to prepare for the national team game. Barcelona was also reasonable, or that he didn’t pay much attention to He Ying at all. He agreed as soon as he applied.
He Ying is currently unable to play in Barcelona, ??but his mentality is quite good. He no longer feels anxious and angry about this.
In Barcelona, ??he concentrated on training, leaving his form to the national team.
As for the future? Wait until January next year to decide.
Chapter 122 “Unexpected” failure
for Gao Hongbo did not choose to let the four returnees, including Zhou 杭州桑拿论坛Yi, return to the country to participate in the competition. The domestic media in China gave support and recognition. Everyone believes that there is indeed no need for such a tight time. Here called them back to play such a game that is not a crucial battle.
Taking into account the time difference and the physical waste of long-distance flight, even if they are called back, they may not be able to perform at a high level.
In the past, the Chinese team always let those overseas players


nk the league 杭州品茶 golden boots may not be like Gao thinks. So easy to get!”
Polly sent out a pass, Gao Zheng jumped in suddenly, and then rushed before Barzagli, and the football rolled to the back corner of the goal against the turf.
“Gao!!” Carressa exclaimed excitedly, Gao Zheng’s move was very ghostly.
But then everyone saw Buffon leaping sideways, hitting the football to the bottom line with a single palm!
“Buffon! Beautiful save! This is the third time he has blocked a high shot after losing the ball! It seems that the loss did not affect his mood,” Carressa praised.
Liu Hong feels that Gao Zheng has already scored anyway, so it doesn’t matter what he looks like now: “Buffon saved Gao Zheng’s shot again, but it’s a bit useless, because Gao Zheng has already scored 19 league rounds. Scored 17 goals and continued to lead the scorer list!”
He was very proud when he reported this number. 杭州桑拿按摩论坛
Although these goals were not scored by him.
“Come on! One more!” Lin Yuan stood in front of the TV, waving his fists to cheer Gao Zheng.
In his opinion, how about scoring only one goal?
He is also a forward in the team. In his view, the indefatigable pursuit of goals is the instinct of any forward.
He believes that Coach Gao will not just be satisfied with scoring one goal!
“Cavani!!!” The
Naples fans cheered over the Sao Paulo stadium.
Such loud cheers have sounded for the third time in this game.
This person really can’t see Gao Zheng.
Even if Gao Zheng has scored Buffon’s goal, he will be happy as long as he hears that someone else can threaten Gao Zheng. What kind of mentality is this!
“Sharavi has not scored a goal in this game so far. While everyone is pinning his hopes 杭州夜生活网 of defeating Gao, Cavani has unknowingly surpassed him! Sixteen goals vs. seventeen goals ! ”
at Juventus Arena, Wang Lu Bing conspire easy ear, whispered:” Cavani hat-trick, and now he was sixteen league goals, only one less than the high Zheng ball ”
,” so fierce? “Wang Yixing was a little surprised, then h


s of statistics, but in terms of the course of the game, he is very angry.
No, can’t you be more accurate?
Really go out without picking up the scope, headshot casually, the master of basket stroke?
20 to 29
looked at the scoreboard tonight, O’Neill felt he had no love up
because this night, before the game and he imagined the same as 8 large.
As the final battle in 1996, after coming to Philadelphia, O’Neill honestly shut himself in the hotel, in order to recharge his energy and finish his work.
Blasted the 76ers and watched the kid named Su Ming thief crying under his elbow.
If the score can be opened in advance, O’Neal even wants to help Kobe brush a wave of data.
That’s right! As an imaginative big man, O’Neill has arranged 10,000 ways to die for Su Feng.
“Now is the break time, ladies and gentlemen, let us take a look at how our’Philadelphia hero’, Su Feng, stabbed the giant Shaq O’Neal with one sword!”
In the first quarter of the game. At the end, the 76ers’ live DJ started to hide again.
The big screen on the scene kept playing the ball that Su Feng smashed after shaking 杭州夜生活论坛 off O’Neal.
Listening to the loss and loss of the game, O’Neal didn’t mention how angry it was.
Which led to his Wohuo is that after playing this video three times, also broadcast live big screen lore that in mind when the time to play the Lakers on Su Feng
“very calm and quiet, this is our ‘hero Philadelphia’!
In When he cast this lore, Su closed his eyes in advance. He said after the game that it was because he felt that this goal would definitely be made! The
entire Pennsylvania will remember this lore, ladies and gentlemen, you guys. What are you waiting for?
Hurry up and vote for our’hero.’ Isn’t he worthy of the All-Star?”
“All-star! All-star! All-star!”
God horse?
Kobe was stunned.
O’Neal was shaking with anger.
Oh Modi, is there a way of canvassing votes like yours?
In fact, O’Neal had forgotten 杭州夜网论坛 that before the game tonight, the scene of Su Feng, Ewin


llen Serie A is not worth mentioning, and the outstanding performance in that declining league is nothing to prove. La Liga and Serie A are no longer a league at all.
In the transfer market this summer, Barcelona’s lack of interest in Gao Zheng fully illustrates this point. A club 杭州桑拿按摩论坛 like Real Madrid would actually have a relationship with a club like Sampdoria for a Chinese player. In comparison, Barcelona is worthy of being a real giant and a real giant would not let himself condescend to be with those second- and third-rate. Dealing with clubs.
Finally, the “Daily Sports Daily” welcomed Gao Zheng meaningfully: “Welcome to Xichao, Chinese!”
Note 1: The transfer fee for Neymar here is 57 million euros instead of the eleven million euros reported by “Marca”, nor is the eight thousand six hundred. Ten thousand euros argument. So Neymar’s transfer fee is far below Gao Zheng.
Chapter 17 Translation
Xu Xin stood on the training ground. Next to him were the team’s head coach Diego Simeone and the other coaches of the coaching staff.
He was a little excited, but not because he was so close to Simeone.
As a player 杭州夜生活论坛 of Atletico Madrid B team, this is not the first time Xu Xin has trained with the first team. Although this is his first pre-season training with the first team, it can’t make him so excited.
If he were to be excited about this, he would have been excited since July 4th, and he received a call from his agent, telling him that Simeone had 杭州龙凤 transferred seven players from the youth team to the first team to train with the team. The reason why seven people were transferred in one breath is because the players in the team who participated in the World Cup are not yet able to return to the team, and there are too few first-team players.
And it’s just following the team’s training. In August, the team will go to the United States to play a warm-up match. It is not certain whether it can go to the United States with the team.
There is only one reason for Xu Xin’s excitement, that is, he is a


erson is in Huayang. ”
Shen An clenched
his fists hard. After two seconds, he let go of his fists, and immediately took out the phone from his pocket, and said, “I I’ll make a call.” ”
” Ah. “Su Ping nodded and stared at him.
He raised his trembling hand, unlocked the unknown old machine in his palm, found the address book, quickly selected a number, and dialed it out. After
hesitating for two seconds, he opened it again. sound.
“hello, you dial the phone was switched off ”
inferior speakers broadcast the sound came distortion, make him more hand shaking a little.
hang up the call, he again 杭州龙凤 found a number and dialed I went out, but it was still turned off.
“How come why are they all turned off” A look of fear appeared on Shen An’s face, and said: “Policecomrade police, thiswhat should I do now? He won’t have”
Su Ping frowned slightly, then shook his head slightly, and said, “Mr. Shen, please calm down. It may not have been that bad. He may have chosen to shut down or pull out just to abscond to prevent being located. Phone card.
In this way, you provide his phone number, and I will let someone check it to see if I can find the location of the phone before it is turned off. ”
Good good!” “Shen An hurriedly reported two numbers.
Qi Yuan immediately wrote them down and sent them to Xiao Gao of the technical team. Then he frowned slightly and found that one of the numbers was familiar.
He flipped through his notebook and found that the familiar number was indeed different from the previous one. Coincidence provided by Wang Hai.
After thinking for a while, Qi Yuan asked again: “How long has he used this number?”
“Not very clear, about two or three years?”
“Two or three years” Qi Yuan was thoughtful, but he didn’t have a clear idea. I had 杭州洗浴网 to draw a special symbol next to the number in my notebook.
This is his own habit mark, used to indicate that there may be doubts here, but he has not figured it out.
Most criminal police officers have a set of recording met


he will definitely be very angry.”
Chapter 16 deals with
this slightly hesitant magnetic voice, which is an unabashed worry , Making Downey and 杭州龙凤 Fatty both stiff and turning their heads slowly. Sure enough, they saw Carl in a black magic robe looking sadly at the scene of the accident. His two beautiful eyebrows were gently frowning, making people unable to help thinking. Smooth them.
The fat man didn’t understand what the accident had to do with Carl, so he was speechless, while Downey knew clearly that the “beautiful girl” who attracted everyone’s attention was the “murderer” who was struck by lightning in the magic laboratory just now. “So, he considered it and couldn’t bear to comfort him: “Karl, as long as you strictly follow the experimental specifications, the college will not punish you, have you violated the specifications?”
“No.” Carl shook his head firmly. , And then lowered his head, his voice diminished, “I thought there would be no problem with the protection of a high-end magic tower, the academy must know it was me”
Downey quietly breathed a sigh of relief, but fortunately, he did not violate the operating rules.
This is not that Downey is sure that Carl will not be held accountable by the academy, and will not be dropped out, but at least now he has a reason to comfort Carl.
“It doesn’t matter if you know, you haven’t violated any of the rules of the academy, uh, you shouldn’t be bullied either” Downey said vaguely, referring to Karl’s strong background, and if he was expelled for no reason, Heidler School of Witchcraft and Wizardry would definitely Will be under great pressure.
Although Downey could not judge the abilities of the rings, badges, necklaces and other accessories on Carl’s body, he could still keenly perceive the terrifying power contained in them. This is definitely not used by ordinary nobles or high-level magician background magic apprentices. Affordable!
Carl nodded lightly, his frustration and sorrow faded a lot, and he said to himself: “I ha


d were entwined like iron wires. This was the first time he had used the power of a spiritual warrior in nearly ten years. His red eyes stared at Duke Enxi like a beast glaring at its prey,
“Threatening me! “Emperor Laubot rushed up on the chair, his half-squinted eyes suddenly widened, “Dare to threaten the emperor of the empire, thinking”
“Your Majesty!” Duke Eric shouted, his indifferent voice pressed After the emperor’s voice, he successfully interrupted what the emperor was about to say next, and he also stood up from his seat, “No one can threaten you, threaten the ruler of the empire, Duke Enxi is just expounding his views on the establishment of the’Combined Legion’ You should be calm in your opinion.”
“Your Majesty, you are the overlord of the entire continent. We are just a humble courtier under your command.” For the first time, Duke Gena showed sufficient respect, “Our request is very simple, the’Union Legion’ can be established, but must have enough reason, you do not have to convince me, so we can not promise, if you want to use your right to punish the emperor of us, and now we stand here! ”
Duke Wagner, then successfully 杭州品茶 transferred The emperor’s sight also bore part of the emperor’s anger towards Duke Ensi. Duke
Eric raised his brows at this time. His scrutinizing gaze swept around on Duke Ensi and Duke Gner. Then, his gaze Staying on the Duke of Chester, he finally looked at the Duke
of Nick. At this moment, the Duke of Nick also looked at the Duke of Eric. The two looked at each other briefly, and both saw a trace of dignity and doubt in each other’s eyes.
“Your Majesty” Count Ron also wanted to speak.
“In the name of the emperor, we all shut up for me!” Emperor Laubot roared.
“Kang” the emperor smashed the wine glass in his hand to the ground, and he roared during the bright red wine tossing: “Everything we have is given by the royal family, everything. Now, I order that we must complete the joint army within one month. Formation!”
“Wrong! The supreme emperor