You say kill Jiang Sheng, kill Jiang Sheng!”

“What do you want me to do! You say, I will definitely not refuse!” Grumbling, Boss B killed a bottle of Coke, as if it was like a bottle of beer. sermon!
Zhuang Shikai looked calm, and said calmly, showing two states with Big Brother B.
“Pick a Ma Tsai who can fight and plan things, and send him to intensify the contradiction between Hongxing and Dongxing. By the way, don’t forget to stimulate Hongxing’s internal contradictions. I want Hongxing and Dongxing to consume each other and hurt both sides.
Let’s get rid of Jiang Tiansheng…” “Do you know what I mean?”
Big boss B was taken aback for a moment, and he immediately thought about more things!
If Master Zhuang simply wants to kill Jiang Tiansheng, 杭州洗浴网 then Master Zhuang has too many ways. There is no need to deliberately provoke the conflict between Hong Xing and Dong Xing, and he will not be allowed to play in person. Instead, he will be used as the string to fiddle. With Hongxing and Dongxing’s two major societies, 杭州桑拿按摩论坛 I was very scared of thinking about it. Is there a future move?
“Understood.” Big boss B felt cold in his heart, but he lightly nodded, feeling that he was involved in a storm again. Then the storm hits and the wind and rain are swaying. What he has to do is to firmly hold a wooden stake in the wind.
He saved his life in the huge waves and he guessed right. Zhuang Shikai was also very satisfied. He ate the barbecue, patted his shoulder and smiled: “Big man, don’t worry! Work hard this time, I will keep you safe and give you a great wealth. , It’s definitely not in vain that you have worked hard for me for more than ten years!”
“Remember, you are not a boyfriend this time. Don’t do it yourself.”
“You are of great use to me!” The Zhuang master paused and held it with his right hand. Pointing with the iron sign
, “Build a fort first. 杭州夜生活论坛 If you don’t have a suitable fort? It doesn’t matter, just help one!” “I think Chen Haonan is very good, haha” Zhuang Shikai laughed softl

seemed to be U15? They were two years behind.” After

finishing the tactics, the successor team came out to warm up. , Ready for the game.
When they went out, the Dortmund U17 players were already warming up.
When the Dortmund U17 players discovered that the successor team actually had Zhou Yi, they were also surprised.
The core of the team Thomas Esfield directly “reported” to the head coach: “Why is Zhou Yi over there?”
The head coach of the U17 youth team is also an acquaintance of Zhou Yi-Sasha Eckel.
Of course he knew why Zhou Yi was there, and the program team communicated with him in advance.
So he said to Estfield: “Warm up! This is 杭州品茶 the effect of the show!”
Estfield secretly curled his lips, but stared at Zhou Yi as he warmed up.
As a midfield genius who is one year younger than Gotze, Esfield has also attracted much attention. If he has a chance to enter the first team, then Zhou Yi will be his predecessor.
In the youth team, Zhouyi and Goce have become role models for the children. Everyone wants to be the next Zhouyi and Goce. The ambitious Esfield is no exception.
Chapter 94 The difference between the second-term and first-term students After the
warm-up, the players who were going to play stayed directly on the court, while the substitute players returned to the bench to sit down.
Sitting on the cold bench bench, the surrounding teammates sighed and complained to Yan Min: “Which way did you kid take Yan Min? What else did you say that you are proficient in German, the result? It made us lost!”
“Yeah, yeah, if it weren’t for you to show the way, how could we lose to them in the crossing!”
“Ah, my starter! I want to be teammates with Brother Yi! I want to play with him! ! ” ”
I want ”
in a devastated in, sitting on 杭州夜生活网 the bench but Yan Min snorted:”! teammates do what good rare ”
!” you do not care, we are rare ah ”
!” is that ”
Yan Min pouted: “Zhou Yi was our teammate in the first half, and we will be our opponent in the second half. When we play again,

lus Francis, this is to form a “golden double shot in the backcourt” and continue to hit the playoffs.

Well, the New Yorker has not tasted the taste of the playoffs for four years!
The last time the team played in the playoffs was the year Sun Hao first entered the league!
In fact, when Sun Hao saw the news, the New Yorkers were celebrating in a carnival.
They have never seen an All-Star backcourt combination in their history. They firmly believe that the combination of Marbury and Francis will bring glory to New York.
Sun Hao was silent for a long time.
He now really believes that some things are destined.
The combination of Marbury and Francis, in history, is also a backcourt double shot for the 杭州洗浴网Knicks.
But it is not a “golden double gun”, but a “malignant tumor in the backfield.”
Now it’s just that this pair of cancerous combination is ahead of schedule.
Sun Hao, after talking with O’Neill, called Yi Jianlian.
The Bulls are so turbulent, Yi Jianlian will definitely be affected.
And he also analyzed the transaction from some angles.
The Bulls have been the dual cores of Francis and Yi Jianlian for the past two seasons.
Francis was traded away, saying that it was a bad show and rebuilding, and Yi Jianlian would definitely get a lot of sales meetings.
This is his opportunity. If he can grasp it, it is not impossible to enter the All-Stars.
You must know that Yi Jianlian also has a Chinese player background. As long as he can play Gasol’s current performance in the Celtics, then he will undoubtedly squeeze the opponent into the All-Star.
Another angle is the future plan of the Bulls.
Sending off Francis, the management certainly can’t expect a Hardaway who is retiring to save the team’s backcourt.
So it can be foreseen that in next year’杭州桑拿论坛 s draft, the Bulls’ goal is likely to be a guard.
And there is a high probability that he may be a point guard!
This may be another key factor for the Bulls to make this deal.
You know that next year’s draft will be a rare


Playing the Spurs, the Timberwolves, the Trail Blazers, Duncan, Garnett, and Rasheed Wallace, Chen Xiao dare not let Boozer come out for cover.
Pulling Duncan and Garnett or Rasheed Wallace to his side, he and Boozer may not be able to do it together.
Chen Xiao now only wants Boozer to pull Duncan far away.
The admiral stayed in the basket and couldn’t come out. Boozer pulled Duncan away. This was the scene Chen Xiao wanted to see most.
Take away the two insiders of the Spurs, Chen Xiao and Kidd can do whatever they want.
However, just when Chen Xiaoxing hurried to find Kidd, the defensive player guarding Kidd at this time was 杭州夜生活论坛 not Parker, but Stephen Jackson.
saw this scene in front of Richard Jefferson , and of course Chen Xiao stopped immediately.
See, this is what makes this tactic invented by the Boston Celtics disgusting.
The powerful Ji Chen pick-and-roll was really pressed to death.
Although the Nets coach Byron Scott is not that strong, he is not a dry food.
The Nets coaching staff has studied for more than half a month, and they have developed a tactic that can solve this trick.
Chen Xiao did not continue to run towards Kidd.
After the Spurs made this move, Chen Xiao and Richard Jefferson quickly approached each other.
After Kidd hit the ball to Richard Jefferson, Richard Jefferson and Chen Xiao made a pick-and-roll to help Chen Xiao get stuck in Bowen, and then quickly hit the ball to Chen Xiao.
To be honest, Richard Jefferson’s 杭州品茶 pass is nothing compared to the Kee boss.
Richard Jefferson’s blocking is also incomparable with the boss.
Chen Xiao doubted whether Richard Jefferson blocked Bowen.
However, there is one thing to say.
Richard Jefferson’s pick-and-roll cover is another dish, he is also alone!
And the pick-and-roll screens 杭州夜网论坛 like Chen Xiao and Richard Jefferson are not necessarily creating opportunities for Chen Xiao.
Chen Xiao received the pass from Richard Jefferson and jumped directly. Under Bowen and Parker’s grip, he


over, belief in his “Wolf King Cult” will disappear.
In the end, his world is still the black of’stinks’.
Did I light up you?
Or did you light me up?
Garnett felt that he was really going to be turned into a philosopher by this kid.
“if you can enter the NBA, I am willing to put my bully rookie of the last places to you, kid, do not let me down, if you really belief that ‘Garnett’, 杭州桑拿网 the dilemma will not beat you!”
Within plus Te said silently in his heart.
He didn’t want this magical boy to disappear from his world.
At this time, he didn’t even know that his hands had become fists because of tension.
Garnett didn’t know, but the teammates around Garnett could see it clearly!
“KG has become more and more weird recently!”
A rookie destroyer is about to become a rookie guardian.
Is this the KG they are familiar with?
Chen Xiao’s popularity is still as high as its peak.
At this time, Chen Xiao in the SAP center naturally didn’t know that someone was caring about him.
In the cheers of the fans, Chen Xiao and Marquette University players walked into the stadium.
Chen Xiao also had a dedicated defense before, but he was not the best defensive player on each team.
Of course, if there is not enough strength 杭州桑拿论坛 to support, this kind of popularity will only be one month, one year, and at most four years.
But this does not prevent the fact that Chen Xiao is still the focus of the world at this moment.
Even though many teams and many people were completely disappointed with Chen Xiao in the last game, there are still a lot of bigwigs staring at this game.
It is precisely because of this that the recent explosions, and the three players of the’Missouri Three Tigers’ who are chasing Marquette’s Three Eagles, looked at Chen Xiao’s eyes, filled with desire.
“As long as you step on them, everything they have now is ours!”
As long as they are defeated, they will be short-lived, and we can move on!
Defeating them is very simple, UCLA has become a teacher.
Just beat that ama


nd work hard!
So after returning 杭州桑拿按摩论坛 to the Oracle Arena in Game 6, the Warriors were all soldiers, and everyone was in full state.
In the end, Paoer had 24 points and 13 assists, Howard had 21 points and 14 rebounds, Love had 20 points, and the Warriors scored 65 points in a triple-core combination. He did not give the old thief any chance and advanced to the Western Conference finals 4 to 2!
This also means that the Warriors and Trailblazers will finally meet at the top of the West.
To be honest, when the big Logo first built this lineup, the biggest imaginary enemy was the Blazers.
I just didn’t expect that the two sides finally met in the playoffs until now.
A line of guard + a line of center, this combination Wayne can be too familiar.
So far, all the matches in the conference finals have been released.
The first game will start on May 27!
The Trail Blazers and Warriors will be the first to make an appearance for the conference finals.
The day before the game started, Paoer and his Warriors arrived in the City of Roses.
Sitting on the team bus, Paoer was deeply moved.
Although it is not the first time to return to Portland to play games, this is indeed the first time 杭州品茶 after Paoer left to play in the playoffs in Portland.
Back then, he was also the master of kicking mousse, punching beasts, and winning two championships.
Hey, why are you so good?
Mousse: I admit to punching a beast, but what is it to kicking a mousse? You never played well in the finals that year! I really put gold on my face!
Looking at the familiar streets and atmosphere, Pao’er suddenly returned to the year.
In the Western Conference semifinals that just ended, Paoer smelled a hint of blood.
But he knew it was just a warm-up.
Playing against Wei Ge’s team is a real ground meat grinder.
After training with the team in the afternoon, Paoer put on a decent suit and brought a small gift to visit Wayne in the evening.
Seeing that Paoer brought a pizza over, Wayne looked suspicious.
“You can’t p


Su Feng: ”
Okay. A thousand defenses, how can Su Feng defend Duncan every time?
that’s all, I was slapped by Duncan once. When Su Feng wanted to come, it should be harmless.
And just as Su Feng silently endured Duncan’s big hand touching his head, suddenly
Let the shark cry back to Los Angeles mission has started.
As an idol player with both strength and appearance. , You have accepted the young Duncan’s request to you.
Please join Duncan and let Shaq O’Neal spend an unforgettable night for him!
Task requirements: In the All-Star Game, make O’Neal’s negative emotions reach 10 Ten thousand points.
Mission completion reward: 58 million strike iron value, and the only shot action synthesis card. Click here to view the shooting 杭州桑拿按摩网 action synthesis card function.
Note: If the host chooses to accept the task, then the host will compete with each other during the All-Star Game. Duncan’s “enemies bond” will be changed temporarily to “destiny fetters.”
By then, the host and Duncan’s attack, defense will have a slight enhancement.
task failed to punish: 58 million deducted host blacksmith value ” ”
!!! ”
the , Too!
Last year it was James and Kobe triggering tasks for themselves back and forth, but this year has become Duncan?
this seems to be the first mission Su Feng has received with a penalty for failure.
It’s just that, looking at the only synthetic card for the shooting action rewarded after the task is completed, Su Feng felt that he could not refuse
“Interesting, interesting. This task is not based on winning or losing, nor on my shooting percentage,
but simply on whether I can play O’Neal. “The mentality” makes
sense. Although there will be punishment for the failure of accepting the task this time, for Su Feng, who is very good at mentality, this task is simply giving him benefits.
In addition, the “fate of fate”
means that if he 杭州夜生活网 chooses this task, then he and Duncan will usher in a wave of small enhancements in tonight’s game


ttle anxiously and expectantly stood on the sidelines to supervise the battle.
He certainly hopes 杭州龙凤 that the team can take Udinese away, but to be honest, it is already very good to be able to equalize three times behind, and he can’t ask for more.
He set his sights on Gao Zheng.
To say that the only person who can withstand more demands is probably him.
In this game Gao Zheng has scored three goals and completed a hat-trick. It stands to reason that he can’t expect Gao Zheng to do better.
But Di Francisco took it for granted that Gao Zheng could do better.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t ask if he was going to break a record by the way.
This kid can always turn decay into magic.
This kid is definitely not only capable of this!
Not only the head coach Di Francisco, but the Sampdoria fans in front of the TV and in the stands, all chose to look at Gao Zheng at this time.
Can Sampdoria complete this breakthrough and go home with 杭州桑拿按摩网 three points?
Everyone looks at Gao Zheng. If it is possible, then only Gao Zheng can do it, right?
Xiao Yingying is like a devout believer, putting her hands together, her lips tightly closed, and looking at the TV.
She is not the only one doing this.
The Chinese students in front of the TV were nervous, with anticipation in their eyes.
They have always regarded Gao Zheng as their hero.
What is a hero? If a hero is admired by all, he must do what all the people can’t do.
Otherwise, why worship heroes?
If a hero can only do what ordinary people can do, what kind of hero is it?
Usually people like him so much, support him, and regard him as an idol. Is it right that he can enjoy flowers, applause and honor?
Of course not, just need him to stand up at this time!
In this game, Gao Zheng has stood up three times, but it is 杭州夜生活网 not enough, because the team has not yet been able to win the game, everyone hopes that he can stand up for the fourth time and end the game.
At first glance this seems to be very unfair to Gao Zheng. Why is a player who has complete


use of historical changes, this year’s rookie challenge has changes in the lineups of the East and West teams.
Duncan withdrew from this year’s Rookie Challenge because of Duncan’s “toe injury” in a game not long ago.
Generally for rookies with all-star assignments, Stern allows you to find excuses not to play the rookie challenge.
Of course, if there are model workers like last year’s “Ai Feng”, then Stern would be even happier.
On the field, after the players of the two teams warmed up, the big screen showed the start of the two teams tonight.
Eastern Rookie Team: Big, Van Horn, Thomas, McGrady, Knight.
Western Conference Rookie Team: Cato, Taylor, Fordson, Williams, Billups.
Before the game, Kobe once again showed his tainted qualities.
Because he actually bet with Su Feng that the Western Conference rookie team will win 杭州夜网论坛 100% tonight.
To be reasonable, if we say that this game was originally a 82-year-old situation
, after Kobe’s milk, in Su Feng’s view, this game has become a ten -year-old .
And then, the progress of the game also confirmed Su Feng’s conjecture.
This year, John Davis, who served as the coach of the Eastern Conference rookie team, deployed a set of extremely scientific tactics. You
should know that the “big” height of the full name Zachunas Ilgauskas is actually 221 cm tall.
Before the knee is reimbursed, the “big” now is much faster than the future.
He teamed up with Van Horn and cried the inside of the Western Conference rookie team with a pick-and-roll cut.
Kevin Cato is strong, but the height of the East’s lineup is just as outrageous as it is.
Williams couldn’t get around the pick-and-rolls of “Big” and Van Horn, and in desperation, Cato, who switched defenses twice with Williams, became the backdrop for the McGrady show.
On the East side, Thomas and Knight are both players who can play running and bombing. Although the rookie challenge at this time is a real combat, the running and bombing cannot be played as smoothly as in the future, 杭州桑拿按摩网 but i


ot before and after the turning point, for the game’s pen and ink, in fact, I only rewrite the opener and the Celtics.
And then, the story mainly explains the growth of the main characters such as Su Feng, Duncan, Kobe, and Tracy McGrady.
Basketball essays are actually group image essays. In fact, you can look back. Most of the basketball essays you have read, how many games you can remember? And the reality is so cruel. There has always been a common problem with basketball articles at the beginning, that is, once the season 杭州洗浴网 begins, subscriptions for a book will drop significantly, and until the end of the season, in the offseason, subscriptions will gradually come back.
The reason for this is that one game after another, after too many descriptions, it is easy to make readers feel tired, just like fantasy, always fighting and killing. There is no 杭州夜网论坛 story line, no character description, no matter how well the game is written, it is easy for readers to skip bookings, or even jump directly to the end of the season.
But from the beginning of the bull fight, the story of the iron fight can be said to be one after another. There is a plot in the daily life, and in the plot, it also interacts with the daily life, paving the way for each other to form a corner. In this way, the fluency of the plot of the whole book is completely different.
Therefore, it is not that Aqie does not write about the game, but that the main theme of this season is not the game. Just like I can use 20 chapters to write a season, and I can use 100,000 words to describe a playoff round of playing the Bulls. When it is time to write the game, the game will appear, but when it is necessary to make concessions for 杭州品茶 the plot, the game must also make concessions.
Only by telling a complete story, in A Zhi’s eyes, it is a book worthy of repeating for myself in the future.
Therefore, the character description of Larry Brown is actually to promote the service from the beginning. Because of the cycad’s personality, I only need t