feel useless knowledge has increased!” Amber, who happened to stroll over from the side, grabbed a chicken leg and sighed casually, which just broke Gao Wen’s heart.

The banquet had already come to an 杭州洗浴网 end. At this moment, Gawain noticed that someone like an attendant entered through the side door of the hall, walked quickly to the side of Speaker Andal and said something in a low voice.
“It seems that’this session’ is about to end,” Gawain turned his head and said to Merita, “I guess someone will invite me to an appointment soon.”
Merita looked at the speaker curiously . At almost the same time, the old man turned and walked towards this side.
“I hope that our hospitality is considerate to you,” Speaker Andal came to Gawain and said, “Our god has just heard the news, if it is convenient for you now, he hopes to meet you in the upper temple. ”
Gawain looked back, and turned to look at the speaker:”? including my two friends brought me ”
Ampatuan Speaker nodded:.” Yes, including their ” ”
no problem, we are very Convenient.” 杭州夜网论坛 Gao Wen laughed immediately, and Amber, who was gnawing on a chicken leg next to him, immediately glanced at the beloved chicken leg in her hand—she seemed to want to say that she was not so convenient, but in Gao Wen faintly. Under the gaze she cast, she immediately put down her drumstick: “Convenient, convenient, and very convenient”
As for Veronica, who was on standby not far away, she was obviously ready.
“That’s good,” Speaker Andar nodded, “Then please come with me-Your Excellency Herragor is already waiting outside the hall, and he will take you to the upper temple.”
Following the speaker, Gawain, Amber, and Veronica quickly passed through the banquet hall. After passing through a huge golden gate like a city gate, the sound of music in the hall was suddenly faint. Going down, Gawain saw a man wearing a pale gold robe and a golden crown standing in the wide and quiet corridor.
No entourage or guard could be seen around the man.
Is that the highest sp


It took him a long time to reshape the concept of defense for the Warriors, which is the new team culture.
Since then, the Warriors have become a regular playoff player with an offensive and defensive balance, and then waited until Cole entered the game to meet the top of the small ball 杭州夜网论坛 era.
In fact, going further, D’Antoni was able to bring the Suns team up in history. In addition to his tactical system, another very important reason is that the Suns are originally a ball with strong defensive strength. team.
In addition to Nash, look at the configuration of that team. Bell, Marion, Joe Johnson, Quint Richardson, Kurt Thomas, Stoudemire, none of
them are weak defensively. Even like Bell and Marion, they are the league’s top defensive standards.
So looking back at the defeat of the Warriors, it makes sense.
With a completely defensive team, he is destined to not go far in the playoffs.
Strong as the Mavericks, the previous configuration was luxurious enough, but in the end it stopped at the Western Conference Finals.
After winning the fourth game, the Mavericks took a 3-1 lead on the big score.
Here is a 杭州桑拿论坛 note, the NBA has been perfecting the rules in recent years.
Last season, a series of rules such as three-second defense and illegal defense were added. This season, the game mode of the first round of the playoffs was modified, from 5 games with 3 wins to 7 games with 4 wins.
As for the second round and subsequent games, it was the same as the original with 7 games and 4 wins.
So after winning Game 4, the big score became 3-1 instead of directly eliminating the Warriors.
But this score means that the Mavericks have already got the match point.
As long as they win another game, they will be able to reach the Western Conference semifinals for the third consecutive year.
At this time, Sun Hao is a lucky general.
Before he came, the Mavericks had not tasted the playoffs for ten consecutive years, but after he came, the team 杭州桑拿网 has reached the playoffs for three consecuti

seemed to be U15? They were two years behind.” After

finishing the tactics, the successor team came out to warm up. , Ready for the game.
When they went out, the Dortmund U17 players were already warming up.
When the Dortmund U17 players discovered that the successor team actually had Zhou Yi, they were also surprised.
The core of the team Thomas Esfield directly “reported” to the head coach: “Why is Zhou Yi over there?”
The head coach of the U17 youth team is also an acquaintance of Zhou Yi-Sasha Eckel.
Of course he knew why Zhou Yi was there, and the program team communicated with him in advance.
So he said to Estfield: “Warm up! This is 杭州品茶 the effect of the show!”
Estfield secretly curled his lips, but stared at Zhou Yi as he warmed up.
As a midfield genius who is one year younger than Gotze, Esfield has also attracted much attention. If he has a chance to enter the first team, then Zhou Yi will be his predecessor.
In the youth team, Zhouyi and Goce have become role models for the children. Everyone wants to be the next Zhouyi and Goce. The ambitious Esfield is no exception.
Chapter 94 The difference between the second-term and first-term students After the
warm-up, the players who were going to play stayed directly on the court, while the substitute players returned to the bench to sit down.
Sitting on the cold bench bench, the surrounding teammates sighed and complained to Yan Min: “Which way did you kid take Yan Min? What else did you say that you are proficient in German, the result? It made us lost!”
“Yeah, yeah, if it weren’t for you to show the way, how could we lose to them in the crossing!”
“Ah, my starter! I want to be teammates with Brother Yi! I want to play with him! ! ” ”
I want ”
in a devastated in, sitting on 杭州夜生活网 the bench but Yan Min snorted:”! teammates do what good rare ”
!” you do not care, we are rare ah ”
!” is that ”
Yan Min pouted: “Zhou Yi was our teammate in the first half, and we will be our opponent in the second half. When we play again,


Playing the Spurs, the Timberwolves, the Trail Blazers, Duncan, Garnett, and Rasheed Wallace, Chen Xiao dare not let Boozer come out for cover.
Pulling Duncan and Garnett or Rasheed Wallace to his side, he and Boozer may not be able to do it together.
Chen Xiao now only wants Boozer to pull Duncan far away.
The admiral stayed in the basket and couldn’t come out. Boozer pulled Duncan away. This was the scene Chen Xiao wanted to see most.
Take away the two insiders of the Spurs, Chen Xiao and Kidd can do whatever they want.
However, just when Chen Xiaoxing hurried to find Kidd, the defensive player guarding Kidd at this time was 杭州夜生活论坛 not Parker, but Stephen Jackson.
saw this scene in front of Richard Jefferson , and of course Chen Xiao stopped immediately.
See, this is what makes this tactic invented by the Boston Celtics disgusting.
The powerful Ji Chen pick-and-roll was really pressed to death.
Although the Nets coach Byron Scott is not that strong, he is not a dry food.
The Nets coaching staff has studied for more than half a month, and they have developed a tactic that can solve this trick.
Chen Xiao did not continue to run towards Kidd.
After the Spurs made this move, Chen Xiao and Richard Jefferson quickly approached each other.
After Kidd hit the ball to Richard Jefferson, Richard Jefferson and Chen Xiao made a pick-and-roll to help Chen Xiao get stuck in Bowen, and then quickly hit the ball to Chen Xiao.
To be honest, Richard Jefferson’s 杭州品茶 pass is nothing compared to the Kee boss.
Richard Jefferson’s blocking is also incomparable with the boss.
Chen Xiao doubted whether Richard Jefferson blocked Bowen.
However, there is one thing to say.
Richard Jefferson’s pick-and-roll cover is another dish, he is also alone!
And the pick-and-roll screens 杭州夜网论坛 like Chen Xiao and Richard Jefferson are not necessarily creating opportunities for Chen Xiao.
Chen Xiao received the pass from Richard Jefferson and jumped directly. Under Bowen and Parker’s grip, he


le girl said happily.
Bruno next to him couldn’t stand it anymore, and he yelled again: “Ava!”
Zhou Yi waved his hand again and again: “It doesn’t matter,’Father’. Your granddaughter is very cute, haha!” He laughed again.
He also touched the top of the little girl’s head, but Ava did not move her 杭州洗浴网 head away.
“Don’t worry, Zhou Yi, we will definitely cheer for you in the South Stand when you come on stage,” Bruno said to Zhou Yi.
Zhou Yi thanked “Daddy”.
“Let’s go, Zhou Yi.” Bruno was leaving. Before leaving, he told Zhou Yi, “The next home game is the fifteenth round, right? We play Nuremberg at home. But to be honest, Zhou Yi. I don’t want to be in the South Stand anymore. I saw you occupying my side!”
Zhou Yi smiled.
Bruno also smiled.
The two waved goodbye.
Ava waved to Zhou Yi when she left: “Come on, there is no big brother who has played in the first team!”
Zhou Yi squeezed out a smile and returned to her: “Little sister, you just need to say’Come on, big brother’! ”
Chapter 42 An agent
Zhou Yi also plans to go home after seeing Bruno and his granddaughter leave.
But at this moment, a person suddenly came up next 杭州品茶 to him.
At the same time, he handed over a piece of paper.
When Zhou Yi saw someone handing something up, he reflexively took it, and at the same time he took out a pen. After I took it, I found out that it was a business card. Most fans asked players to sign for star cards, posters, and jerseys. There were very few messy things, because that would be considered disrespectful to the players.
But Zhou Yi didn’t care about this. As an unknown person who has not played in the first team until now, he would be very happy to be able to find him for autographs instead of asking him for initiation.
So he turned the business card to the back and wrote his name on it very skillfully.
Then he handed it back to the other party.
The person who handed the business card did not pick it up, but was stunned, because he didn’t expect 杭州夜生活论坛 Zhou Yi to sign t


to into the cabinets.
On the 22nd, Xiao Yao, who originally planned to train in Philadelphia until May, also came to Toronto.
In Xiao Yao’s words, it is this kind of opportunity to watch Feng Ge’s match by prostitutes.
How could he miss this opportunity to learn Feng Ge’s play at close range?
Although, the arrival of Xiao Yao has increased Su Feng’s workload in cooking recently,
but as an excellent cook, Su Feng enjoys it.
Especially looking at 杭州夜生活网 Xiao Yao, who is getting stronger day by day under his careful feeding.
“Oh, look at my damn seniority!” In the
past two days, Xiao Yao was calling out to Feng Ge, one by one, not to mention how happy Su Feng was in his heart.
On the morning of the 23rd, the Raptors officially announced the team’s 13-man roster for the playoffs.
After “Wolong” and “Phoenix” and Davis finally discussed, Irvin Williams at the shooting guard position was excluded from the Raptors’ playoff roster this year.
And veteran Tiny Boggs is on the last train of the Raptors playoff roster.
The 13-man roster for the Raptors playoffs is as follows:
Center: Big Ben, Batll, Max.
Power forwards: O’Neal, Thomas, Davis.
Small forwards: Su Feng, Slater.
Shooting guards: Carter, Curry.
Point guards: McGrady, Nash, Boggs.
This season, Bater played 杭州桑拿按摩网 only 22 regular season games with the Raptors, averaging 2.2 points and 1.4 rebounds per game.
However, as one of the Raptors’ secret weapons against O’Neal, Bater is the first player to be ranked by Davis in the team’s playoffs list in addition to the Raptors’ main players.
Davis took a fancy to Batur’s innate strength as a 杭州桑拿论坛 Mongolian warrior.
In Davis’s view, it doesn’t matter if Batel can’t defend O’Neal. Anyway, as long as he can get that shark mentality, the Raptors have already made a lot of money.
In addition, veteran Boggs did not make many appearances in the regular season.
Just considering that when the Raptors were playing the Nets this year, Francis made a guard line that could not t


adrid fans.
Everyone thinks that he is a real “Real Madridist”.
He cheered for the success of Real Madrid, did not conceal his emotions, will also feel sad and frustrated for the failure of Real Madrid, and will never congratulate Real Madrid’s mortal enemy.
In a sense, in fact, he is also a “brain 杭州桑拿按摩论坛 fan” of Real Madrid.
This game was generally optimistic about Real Madrid before the game, and he thinks so too.
As the result of the game progressed, he did not watch that way, he felt danger, which made him very unhappy.
But at this moment, the Chinese appeared ghostly in front of him, and mocked himself with victory.
“Coward? Huh? Who is the coward?!” He pointed to his nose and smiled.
This is simply adding fuel to the fire!
Javier Martinez suddenly stood up from his seat-after the game just now, he couldn’t stand up without his strength, but now he seems to be resurrected in a state of full blood.
“What are you talking about, Chinaman?! “Javier Rodríguez Martinez gritted his teeth.
The reporters around him reacted. The Spanish reporter went to La Martinez, while the Chinese reporter protected Liu Elephant.
Protected by his compatriots behind, Liu Daxiang’s mouth was not idle. He was still shouting to Martinez: “Who said Rong would not appear on the right before the game? Who said Rong is a coward? Who is it? Ah?! Are you courageous to say that you have the courage to admit it? Coward! Look at his performance in this game! He played on the right, 杭州品茶 your world’s number one left-back can’t raise his head! Even halftime Pass!!! What qualifications do you have to say that he is a coward in front of Rong?!”
Liu Xiangxiang echoed through the media with a strong accent in Spanish, but it seemed to hit everyone’s heart.
He was right.
In the first half of this game, although no goals were scored, everyone’s glorious performance was obvious to all.
Because of his activity on the right, Roberto Carlos had almost no decent assists in the first half. Because the speed of Rongguang is t


hday. For the goalkeeper, thirtieth is the golden age. The club’s consideration is to continue to let Anke be the main goalkeeper, let Rensinger take exercise outside, and prepare to take Anke’s class. The purpose of recalling Rensinger this season is to cultivate his feelings for Bayern Munich, so as not to wander around for a long time and forget where he came from. This is not without warning. The original full-back Lahm was on loan for a long time, and his feelings for Bayern Munich faded, allowing Florence to take advantage of it. Later, he saw his performance in Florence as a high-level club. The intestines 杭州桑拿论坛 are all regretful.
Because of this, the relationship between Anke and Rensinger is very tense. Anke is nothing. The key is that Rensinger’s mind is a little small. He is always worried about this, so Kahn has to try his best to make a bowl of water in front of the two people, and mentally hope that Rensinger will be loaned out sooner.
That’s why Kahn wanted to “look for opportunities” to talk to Anke.
After training on this day, Anke took a shower in the locker room. At first, he took a shower, but then he was in a daze underwater. The strange changes in his body recently made him, an optimistic person by nature, unable to laugh anymore. He was somewhat aware of the seriousness of the problem, and a premonition of deep insecurity quietly emerged.
Today’s training was reprimanded by Kahn because his performance was really bad. What will happen if the situation continues? Anke didn’t dare to think about it for the first time.
It took more than half an hour to finish the bath. When I came out, there was no one in the dressing room. Everyone was gone, only himself. An Ke wrapped a bath towel around his lower body and sat in a chair to continue in a 杭州洗浴网 daze. He didn’t want to go home in a hurry. Every time he saw Lin Jia’s worried eyes, he felt particularly dazzling, making his mind more upset.
Kahn closed the door of his office, the work of the day was over, and the res


erson is in Huayang. ”
Shen An clenched
his fists hard. After two seconds, he let go of his fists, and immediately took out the phone from his pocket, and said, “I I’ll make a call.” ”
” Ah. “Su Ping nodded and stared at him.
He raised his trembling hand, unlocked the unknown old machine in his palm, found the address book, quickly selected a number, and dialed it out. After
hesitating for two seconds, he opened it again. sound.
“hello, you dial the phone was switched off ”
inferior speakers broadcast the sound came distortion, make him more hand shaking a little.
hang up the call, he again 杭州龙凤 found a number and dialed I went out, but it was still turned off.
“How come why are they all turned off” A look of fear appeared on Shen An’s face, and said: “Policecomrade police, thiswhat should I do now? He won’t have”
Su Ping frowned slightly, then shook his head slightly, and said, “Mr. Shen, please calm down. It may not have been that bad. He may have chosen to shut down or pull out just to abscond to prevent being located. Phone card.
In this way, you provide his phone number, and I will let someone check it to see if I can find the location of the phone before it is turned off. ”
Good good!” “Shen An hurriedly reported two numbers.
Qi Yuan immediately wrote them down and sent them to Xiao Gao of the technical team. Then he frowned slightly and found that one of the numbers was familiar.
He flipped through his notebook and found that the familiar number was indeed different from the previous one. Coincidence provided by Wang Hai.
After thinking for a while, Qi Yuan asked again: “How long has he used this number?”
“Not very clear, about two or three years?”
“Two or three years” Qi Yuan was thoughtful, but he didn’t have a clear idea. I had 杭州洗浴网 to draw a special symbol next to the number in my notebook.
This is his own habit mark, used to indicate that there may be doubts here, but he has not figured it out.
Most criminal police officers have a set of recording met


ave been armed with stainless steel to their teeth.” The old king was very excited. “Look at the messengers, look at the clothes they wear, and look at the animal skins on my king, although they behave very friendly. 杭州桑拿论坛 But the contempt and disregard in their eyes is obvious.”
“They look down on our civilization, not just them, but the goblins, orcs and even the giants living in the mountains. They all look down on our civilization. The empires call us’barbarians’, and goblins call us’mountain people’! Why? Because our kingdom is too backward!”
“More than two hundred years ago, our ancestors chose to use heavy snow to resist the empire’s invasion, but today, two hundred years later, the empire has already defeated the cold, and their cotton and fur coats even It can be equipped to every soldier!” Sakdo drank all the red wine in the glass in one sip, “So, we must make changes. Before the new empire appears, we need to arm ourselves first!”
Kebot said quietly. Listen, he didn’t have too much expression on his face. When the old king finished speaking, he straightened up and placed himself in the brightest place and said, “Then, this is your decision. You can exchange for Pedi at all costs.
-Reagan ‘s support?” “I can kill Prince Nurif and destroy one-third of the kingdom’s power in exchange for internal stability, and I can also trade a greater price for the kingdom in exchange for the future!” Flushing on Thaktor’s face Gradually faded, he looked extremely calm, “The future of the kingdom is more important than anyone and anything!”
“Your will, Your Majesty.” Kebot lowered his head in response to the king’s decision, and then he raised his head and talked to the king again. Staring at each other, “Then, if there is a war, why not make this war a 杭州品茶 little bigger? Don’t forget, we just gained an ally not long ago.”
“No Karen, from the Principality of Rigrock Trofeel?” Thaktor thought of him for an instant, “Didn’t it mean that Trofeel has no extra power to fight against the elves? The empty ci