he ground. When he fell to the ground, his eyes were still staring at the football. His eyes widened without blinking, like a dismantled statue. same.

He Ying raised a finger on his right hand and placed it in front of his mouth. At the same time, he ran to the stand behind the goal. There were all Brazilian fans there. He made a shut-up gesture to those Brazilian fans.
Thiago Silva, who had just sat up, lay down again, put his hands on his face, covered his eyes, and 杭州桑拿按摩网 couldn’t bear to look any more.
Zhou Yi raised his hands and ran after He Ying.
The Chinese fans in the stands jumped up and shouted.
He Ping roared: “The goal is scored! The goal is scored! The goal is scored!! This goal is beautiful! He Ying! He scored twice in this game!! He helped the Chinese team get a two-goal lead. The most incredible thing is that the Chinese team led Brazil by two goals in the game! You know, this Brazilian team is almost half the national team!”
Before the bench, on the coach’s bench, the Chinese team’s players and coaches also They all rushed out of the area where they should be, and the players rushed to the teammates celebrating behind the Brazil goal to go up and celebrate with them.
The coaches hug each other.
Blazevic was firmly hugged by his translator Jiang Xiaojun, and Guo Bing, the leader 杭州品茶 next to him, was also distorted with excitement.
“Unbelievable! Unbelievable! Brazil, the favorite to win the championship, fell behind by two goals in the game! The Chinese team’s counterattack is very efficient. They taught the Brazilian team a good lesson, telling them what team football is!” BBC’s Mark · Laurenson exclaimed. “The Chinese team scored a very beautiful goal. Zhou Yi’s series of performances in the front court attracted the attention of the Brazilian defensive players. It seems that he is focused on fighting with the Brazilian defensive players. In another place, this pass is too imaginative! The leader of the Chinese team used his ability to the extreme today!” The

at the end of his career.

So in the NBA, that sentence is still very practical: stay on the 杭州夜网论坛 front line and meet each other in the future.
Because your opponent today is likely to be your teammate tomorrow.
Not long after Rose signed the contract, Francis also made his decision.
It’s just that his decision was beyond most people’s expectations.
This also includes Sun Hao and O’Neill.
Well, Sun Hao guessed wrong again.
(Sun Hao: Meow Meow Meow? How about the protagonist’s face?)
Francis did not go to the Bulls, Sun Hao guessed right.
But he didn’t go to the Celtics either!
He finally chose to go to the Wizards! !
“Salary is not the main consideration for me. I want to go to a place where I can win.”
This is Francis’s personal Twitter message after his decision.
Garnett and the Celtics said they were offended!
However, it is very exciting!
This is invisibly escalating the battle between the Wizards and the Celtics 杭州夜生活网 in the east!
“You said, will Boston fail to make the finals?”
After Francis announced the news, Sun Hao sat and chatted with O’Neal again.
At this time, he thought of Durant’s trumpet exchange with netizens on social media: “We should expect the scene where Boston can’t make the 杭州桑拿网 finals.”
Isn’t that true?
Originally, after Artest went, the Wizards had already shown enough strength to fight the Celtics.
Now Francis.
Oh by the way, by the way, Francis is in his current state.
Although having trouble with the Knicks management and coaching staff, Francis still averaged 12+4+4 data per game.
And because of his experience as teammates with Yi Jianlian, he and Yao Ming should get along well.
Francis + McGrady + Artest + Huo Ershu + Yao Ming, the bench also has a number of high-quality substitutes such as Nelson, Alexander, and Uncle Mu.
The Washington “Rockets” team is likely to overturn the Celtics Big Three!
“Perhaps Steve went for this!”
O’Neal said, tapping his thigh.
Sun Hao also froze for a while, then laughed and patted O’Neal on the


It took him a long time to reshape the concept of defense for the Warriors, which is the new team culture.
Since then, the Warriors have become a regular playoff player with an offensive and defensive balance, and then waited until Cole entered the game to meet the top of the small ball 杭州夜网论坛 era.
In fact, going further, D’Antoni was able to bring the Suns team up in history. In addition to his tactical system, another very important reason is that the Suns are originally a ball with strong defensive strength. team.
In addition to Nash, look at the configuration of that team. Bell, Marion, Joe Johnson, Quint Richardson, Kurt Thomas, Stoudemire, none of
them are weak defensively. Even like Bell and Marion, they are the league’s top defensive standards.
So looking back at the defeat of the Warriors, it makes sense.
With a completely defensive team, he is destined to not go far in the playoffs.
Strong as the Mavericks, the previous configuration was luxurious enough, but in the end it stopped at the Western Conference Finals.
After winning the fourth game, the Mavericks took a 3-1 lead on the big score.
Here is a 杭州桑拿论坛 note, the NBA has been perfecting the rules in recent years.
Last season, a series of rules such as three-second defense and illegal defense were added. This season, the game mode of the first round of the playoffs was modified, from 5 games with 3 wins to 7 games with 4 wins.
As for the second round and subsequent games, it was the same as the original with 7 games and 4 wins.
So after winning Game 4, the big score became 3-1 instead of directly eliminating the Warriors.
But this score means that the Mavericks have already got the match point.
As long as they win another game, they will be able to reach the Western Conference semifinals for the third consecutive year.
At this time, Sun Hao is a lucky general.
Before he came, the Mavericks had not tasted the playoffs for ten consecutive years, but after he came, the team 杭州桑拿网 has reached the playoffs for three consecuti

enter~” The

fans at the scene were meditating.
Maybe it was this meditation that worked, or maybe it was too much energy on the defensive end that Daniels missed a three-pointer.
Bradley protected the key rebound.
The last 32 seconds.
Old Nelson, called a timeout!
When off the field, the bench Kukoc got up and high-five with his teammates on the field one by one.
As the team’s most experienced playoff veteran, he is using this method to encourage team morale.
At this time in another section of the court, Daniels was sprayed bloody by Popovich. 杭州洗浴网
Popovich almost fell to the ground with his tactical board.
Can’t prevent Sun Hao from throwing another key three-pointer, no wonder Popovich will be so angry.
And know that he had asked Daniels before.
“Can you handle him?”
Daniels gave the answer in the affirmative.
After the 杭州品茶 timeout, the Mavericks replaced Uncle Huo with Nash. This is an additional tactical change.
The fans at the scene watched the score on their heads for a while, and watched on the court for a while. They were nervous.
The last time the Mavericks entered the playoffs was 11 years ago, but the last time the Mavericks won in the 1987-88 season was 13 years ago.
Whether it can be done again after 13 years, it depends on the last 32 seconds.
Sun Hao received the ball outside, and the Spurs directly double-teamed.
Popovich’s thinking is very clear, and he will never give Sun Hao a chance to make a move.
Sun Hao returned the ball to Nash.
After all, Zhuge Nielsen still had a better move than Smavich, and he had already foreseen this situation.
Sun Hao changed from having the ball to no ball.
He came out with Nowitzki’s big waist round pick 杭州桑拿按摩网 and roll, and Nash’s pass was also given the first time.
Sun Hao is ready to catch the ball and make a shot.
But at this moment, a dark shadow hit his forehead.
It was too sudden and he had no time to dodge.
Sun Hao fell to the ground in response.
“Beep!” The
referee blew his whistle

t meets again, Yao Ming is a well-deserved champion.

Because in this life without Xiao Yao
Mosaic looked left and right in the draft, but failed to pick their favorite player.
So, in desperation, Mosaic had to choose Jay Williams from Duke University.
In Su Feng’s previous life, he drove a heavy motorcycle on the highway in pursuit of excitement.
As a result, because the locomotive lost control and hit a roadside electric pole, the left knee ligament was ruptured, and three nerves in his left leg were severely injured and
almost 杭州洗浴网 lifelong amputation. emperor.
before that tragedy happened,
Williams was indeed the best guard among the 02 rookies.
In his rookie season, he was 188 cm tall and scored 26 points, 14 rebounds and 13 assists in a game with the league’s chief point guard Kidd.
And as Shane Battier’s younger brother, before the start of the draft, Williams was also recognized as the best college student in the United States.
It’s just that I don’t know if this buddy will have bad luck in this life.
Anyway, looking at
Williams , who was already so proud after wearing the champion hat, that he just went to the racing
car to celebrate, Su Feng always felt that this guy would get cold sooner or later even if he wouldn’t encounter that accident again.
After Mosaic picked Williams with the No. 1 pick
, it was the Bulls’ turn to make a difficult decision.
Because before the start of this draft, they originally planned to choose a guard, so where are there other options at this time?
In the end, after a difficult decision,
Dajuan Wagner, who would have been selected by the Cavaliers with the sixth overall pick 杭州夜生活论坛 in the first round, entered the field of the Bulls uniform.
Because he is extremely fast on the field, he can often complete a surprise attack in the blink of an eye,
so many reporters who have watched his game on the scene often use Iverson to compare with him.
However, in Su Feng’s view, this part of the reporters who claim that Wagner can match Iv

seemed to be U15? They were two years behind.” After

finishing the tactics, the successor team came out to warm up. , Ready for the game.
When they went out, the Dortmund U17 players were already warming up.
When the Dortmund U17 players discovered that the successor team actually had Zhou Yi, they were also surprised.
The core of the team Thomas Esfield directly “reported” to the head coach: “Why is Zhou Yi over there?”
The head coach of the U17 youth team is also an acquaintance of Zhou Yi-Sasha Eckel.
Of course he knew why Zhou Yi was there, and the program team communicated with him in advance.
So he said to Estfield: “Warm up! This is 杭州品茶 the effect of the show!”
Estfield secretly curled his lips, but stared at Zhou Yi as he warmed up.
As a midfield genius who is one year younger than Gotze, Esfield has also attracted much attention. If he has a chance to enter the first team, then Zhou Yi will be his predecessor.
In the youth team, Zhouyi and Goce have become role models for the children. Everyone wants to be the next Zhouyi and Goce. The ambitious Esfield is no exception.
Chapter 94 The difference between the second-term and first-term students After the
warm-up, the players who were going to play stayed directly on the court, while the substitute players returned to the bench to sit down.
Sitting on the cold bench bench, the surrounding teammates sighed and complained to Yan Min: “Which way did you kid take Yan Min? What else did you say that you are proficient in German, the result? It made us lost!”
“Yeah, yeah, if it weren’t for you to show the way, how could we lose to them in the crossing!”
“Ah, my starter! I want to be teammates with Brother Yi! I want to play with him! ! ” ”
I want ”
in a devastated in, sitting on 杭州夜生活网 the bench but Yan Min snorted:”! teammates do what good rare ”
!” you do not care, we are rare ah ”
!” is that ”
Yan Min pouted: “Zhou Yi was our teammate in the first half, and we will be our opponent in the second half. When we play again,

nd raised his hand for the ball.

Gou Te thought to himself, even Wayne has been cleaned up, I can’t clean you?
After receiving the basketball, Gou Te slammed backwards, and his big elbow was also leaned up. The
hard special was suddenly stubborn and not swearing. Damn this dog Te was really ruthless! After
pushing Garnett 杭州龙凤 with an elbow , Bogut turned and hooked.
But the hard special did not make Bogut his wish. He jumped up and grabbed Bogut’s arm, causing Bogut to fall heavily. The
referee blew the whistle again, and the fans no longer remember this. The referee stopped the game for the first few times in this game.
Standing in front of Bogoute arrogantly, he yelled at him condescendingly.
“Are you still Liu Beep?” Are you still arrogant? I click, I scratch you! ”
Hard special, this is completely comfortable.
Since the last game angrily Deshaun Stephenson, hard special is not afraid of fear.
There is a kind of you up and hit me? Are you hitting me?
Have Brother Wei backed up. , I see what you can do! Hehehehe!
Hard and proud, but Bogut suddenly got up and punched the wolf king on the right cheek. The
wolf king was beaten at that time, he was not 杭州夜网论坛 a
good gentleman. Talking but not hands! The
fierce expression on Hardte’s face instantly disappeared. Now there are no cold-blooded wolves, only Erha in a daze.
Before Hardte could react, Bogut punched again.
Hardte’s legs suddenly Once soft, one staggered and sat on 杭州夜生活网 the wooden floor.
The famous werewolf in Minneapolis, die!
Whether to say it or not, as the once famous werewolf in Minneapolis, the record of the wolf king’s fight is unsightly.
Put it this way, it can basically be summed up as one sentence that no one can win.
Only Howard’s happy baby will be cleaned up by
Hard Special. The moment Hard Special sits on the ground, the whole person is dumbfounded.
I was beaten when I stepped on a horse! ?
It was as if he hadn’t been beaten the previous time.
Seeing this, Wayne rushed from the

lus Francis, this is to form a “golden double shot in the backcourt” and continue to hit the playoffs.

Well, the New Yorker has not tasted the taste of the playoffs for four years!
The last time the team played in the playoffs was the year Sun Hao first entered the league!
In fact, when Sun Hao saw the news, the New Yorkers were celebrating in a carnival.
They have never seen an All-Star backcourt combination in their history. They firmly believe that the combination of Marbury and Francis will bring glory to New York.
Sun Hao was silent for a long time.
He now really believes that some things are destined.
The combination of Marbury and Francis, in history, is also a backcourt double shot for the 杭州洗浴网Knicks.
But it is not a “golden double gun”, but a “malignant tumor in the backfield.”
Now it’s just that this pair of cancerous combination is ahead of schedule.
Sun Hao, after talking with O’Neill, called Yi Jianlian.
The Bulls are so turbulent, Yi Jianlian will definitely be affected.
And he also analyzed the transaction from some angles.
The Bulls have been the dual cores of Francis and Yi Jianlian for the past two seasons.
Francis was traded away, saying that it was a bad show and rebuilding, and Yi Jianlian would definitely get a lot of sales meetings.
This is his opportunity. If he can grasp it, it is not impossible to enter the All-Stars.
You must know that Yi Jianlian also has a Chinese player background. As long as he can play Gasol’s current performance in the Celtics, then he will undoubtedly squeeze the opponent into the All-Star.
Another angle is the future plan of the Bulls.
Sending off Francis, the management certainly can’t expect a Hardaway who is retiring to save the team’s backcourt.
So it can be foreseen that in next year’杭州桑拿论坛 s draft, the Bulls’ goal is likely to be a guard.
And there is a high probability that he may be a point guard!
This may be another key factor for the Bulls to make this deal.
You know that next year’s draft will be a rare

ndolph made 758% of his free throws, which is quite accurate

. The fans of the entire ATT Center stood up and booed frantically.
But Randolph took a deep breath, he was about to bring glory to the big cotton field that accepted him.
“Two free throws were made. The Spurs only had the last one second left. They have not timed out. Zach Randolph, he almost laid the victory for the team!” In the
end, Richard Jefferson was helplessly far away. The three-point distance naturally did not allow miracles to happen.
When the game is over, the buzzer sounds.
101 to 98, the Grizzlies, the eighth in the West, won the first 61 wins of the Spurs in the West with a three-point advantage.
It broke the biggest upset of the playoffs so far!
Popovich fell to the bench and looked at the Grizzlies players who were celebrating in disbelief.
What’s this?
Although the Spurs scored in double figures with 6 players, the team shot only 40%.
The Grizzlies’ defensive ability was beyond the expectations of the old thief.
Popovich 杭州桑拿论坛 was dumbfounded, you are the eighth in the West! ?
One minute after the game, Wayne posted a death smile on his social media account.
And accompanied by the text: “So I said, the first in the West is not necessarily a good location. Whether this location is good or not, it depends on who is going to sit.”
At the same time, Sir Bar also posted a dynamic, just a picture, black 8 Billiards number, simple and easy to understand.
The old yin and yang are weird.
Well, in the age of social media, it is convenient for Wayne and Sir Barbara to beep separately. In the
first round of the playoffs, the scoring leader and the No. 1 in the Western Conference were overturned.
This is the 2011 playoffs.
This is the battle of the gods!
The old thief is messy in the wind alone. As a competent coach, he knows that today’s game is not 杭州龙凤 a coincidence.
The Grizzlies are really capable.
The mask of the clown, the old thief can’t escape either.
Two clowns were born in one round. Bat

Sun Hao Xiaosun, so let’s call it Xiaoxiaosun.”

Confirmed the tone, it was Zhang 杭州夜生活论坛 instructed himself.
Sun Yue smiled and nodded, his face slightly shy.
Before learning how to make the car shake, Sun Yue was still a sunny and shy boy.
“This is the first time you have played a formal game on behalf of the national team, how about it? Are you nervous?”
Mentor Zhang suggested psychologically.
“Well, I’m very nervous, but Brother Hao told me to take out the state of chasing a girl for the first time, and I feel better.”
Zhang Weiping was taken aback after listening, and then couldn’t help laughing.
What Sun Hao said is very spiritual!
Of course, what’s more interesting is that Sun Yue said so that he couldn’t copy the original words!
Both of them are very interesting.
But let’s not say, Sun Yue’s external image is already very good, and with this answer, suddenly there are countless female fans.
“Well, tonight is the Japanese men’s basketball team. This is also our old opponent. Do you think the team can beat them tonight?”
Zhang Weiping then asked.
When Sun Yue heard this question, he had a shy expression before, and suddenly became excited.
“That’s for sure, Xiao Ri.” 杭州洗浴网
Sun Yue was only in his early 20s. It was just when he was full of blood, he blurted out his catchphrase a second.
Sun Hao was still behind him quickly, patted him on the shoulder, and while interrupting him, he also slapped the camera with cuteness.
Sun Yue was also very clever, and when he was interrupted, he remembered where the game was.
It would be a big problem if you blurt it out, maybe you have to be troubled after the game.
But his brain is bright and he reacts quickly.
“The Japanese players who have had a good little life, their strength is very good, but I believe Brother Hao and them, we will win the game.” There was a
surprising answer.
“Why do you have to win 30 points?”
However, what Sun Hao said left Sun Yue speechless for a while.
It’s better to let him blurt out in front of h