ndolph made 758% of his free throws, which is quite accurate

. The fans of the entire ATT Center stood up and booed frantically.
But Randolph took a deep breath, he was about to bring glory to the big cotton field that accepted him.
“Two free throws were made. The Spurs only had the last one second left. They have not timed out. Zach Randolph, he almost laid the victory for the team!” In the
end, Richard Jefferson was helplessly far away. The three-point distance naturally did not allow miracles to happen.
When the game is over, the buzzer sounds.
101 to 98, the Grizzlies, the eighth in the West, won the first 61 wins of the Spurs in the West with a three-point advantage.
It broke the biggest upset of the playoffs so far!
Popovich fell to the bench and looked at the Grizzlies players who were celebrating in disbelief.
What’s this?
Although the Spurs scored in double figures with 6 players, the team shot only 40%.
The Grizzlies’ defensive ability was beyond the expectations of the old thief.
Popovich 杭州桑拿论坛 was dumbfounded, you are the eighth in the West! ?
One minute after the game, Wayne posted a death smile on his social media account.
And accompanied by the text: “So I said, the first in the West is not necessarily a good location. Whether this location is good or not, it depends on who is going to sit.”
At the same time, Sir Bar also posted a dynamic, just a picture, black 8 Billiards number, simple and easy to understand.
The old yin and yang are weird.
Well, in the age of social media, it is convenient for Wayne and Sir Barbara to beep separately. In the
first round of the playoffs, the scoring leader and the No. 1 in the Western Conference were overturned.
This is the 2011 playoffs.
This is the battle of the gods!
The old thief is messy in the wind alone. As a competent coach, he knows that today’s game is not 杭州龙凤 a coincidence.
The Grizzlies are really capable.
The mask of the clown, the old thief can’t escape either.
Two clowns were born in one round. Bat