obleman and obtain a fief. The core theme of the second part of the story of the fief.

Many characters appeared, such as Little Fox Helen’s beautiful snake master Cui Beiqian, which is also Liu Zhenhua’s wife, this is an important role.
Here, there was a conflict, a conflict with Richard, the prince of the Lion clan, Li inspected Shanghai Lun and 杭州夜生活网 made things difficult for Jiang Hao, making the originally easy assessment difficult. Liu Zhenzhen agreed to compete with the other party.
In the Colosseum and the empty alley, the strong, tall and handsome lion prince offered sacrifices to the ugly pigs. People were not optimistic about Liu Shock. However, in a big battle, Liu Shock defeated the lion prince, won the game, and became a sacrifice and nobleman. .
After obtaining it, the fief was allocated, and it was calculated again by people. It could only be allocated to the most difficult and dangerous land near the Southern Cross Forest. The advantage is that the ground is large, but the disadvantage is that it is close to the edge of the orc empire. The rampant warcraft is difficult to develop, and there are ogres. And the goblin clan, if they fail, they may be destroyed by these guys.
The story enters the second stage. Walking on the grassland, encountering warcraft and encountering danger, Jiang Hao leads the team to fight, and at the same time gains the approval of his comrades, he finally arrives in his fief.
This 杭州桑拿论坛 section is called “additional game time” in the movie script. It is generally more relaxed, making the audience happy and relaxing from the tension.
The next scene is the climax of the whole play. The powerful cannibals and goblins are very angry when they know that someone is coming. They want to kill these guys, and then start to convene people. They even invited a real dragon.
Liu shocked this side. He had just arrived in the fief, and there was only a broken town. The war followed. The scouts discovered the clues of the ogres, and people began to prepare for the war,