early 20,000 76ers fans shouted out Su Feng’s name hoarsely along with the live DJ.

On the Jazz bench, old coach Sloan looked solemn.
He knew that the Jazz was in trouble tonight.
On the court, Stockton tried to stand up and stop the decline for the Jazz, but Iverson, who never gave up, managed to interfere with his jumper at the last minute.
Ben Wallace turned around and grabbed the rebound. At the scene, the 76ers fans who had not yet sat down shouted in unison: “Offense! Offense! Offense!”
Even if they were trained well, when Iverson passed the halfway dribble this time. On the court,杭州桑拿按摩论坛 the Jazz on the court was also a little uneasy.
The expanded defense of the Jazz tried to force the 76ers and their frontal hard steel, but Iverson, unmatched, would give the Jazz a chance to oppress himself?
Under the crotch, under the crotch, or under the crotch.
It wasn’t until the last-minute 杭州品茶 Crossover was pulled out that you realized, oh, damn, this bastard has protruded to the right again!
Stockton hurried back to chase, while the other Jazz players are inertially reclaiming the line of defense.
At this moment, Su Feng hurriedly pulled out on the flanks.
On the field, Iverson had quick eyes and quick hands, and delivered the shells to Su Feng’s shelling position again.
Big Ben and Ratliff inadvertently blocked a wonderful opportunity for Su Feng.
In the next twenty years, when people look back on this game, the barrage is all feeling: It turns out that there was such a way of playing in the 90s.
Due to various coincidences, tonight’s Philadelphia was splashed with water and waves were raging.
Hesitation will only defeat.
Facing Hornacek who came to help defend, Su Feng fired again!
The 76ers stopped the Utah 杭州洗浴网Jazz with five consecutive three-pointers and two stops!
6 to 19!
At the scene, the people who had previously been dozing off were instantly awake.
Listen to the cheers and look at these excited fans. Really think that the Philadelphia fans are here for tha