seemed to be U15? They were two years behind.” After

finishing the tactics, the successor team came out to warm up. , Ready for the game.
When they went out, the Dortmund U17 players were already warming up.
When the Dortmund U17 players discovered that the successor team actually had Zhou Yi, they were also surprised.
The core of the team Thomas Esfield directly “reported” to the head coach: “Why is Zhou Yi over there?”
The head coach of the U17 youth team is also an acquaintance of Zhou Yi-Sasha Eckel.
Of course he knew why Zhou Yi was there, and the program team communicated with him in advance.
So he said to Estfield: “Warm up! This is 杭州品茶 the effect of the show!”
Estfield secretly curled his lips, but stared at Zhou Yi as he warmed up.
As a midfield genius who is one year younger than Gotze, Esfield has also attracted much attention. If he has a chance to enter the first team, then Zhou Yi will be his predecessor.
In the youth team, Zhouyi and Goce have become role models for the children. Everyone wants to be the next Zhouyi and Goce. The ambitious Esfield is no exception.
Chapter 94 The difference between the second-term and first-term students After the
warm-up, the players who were going to play stayed directly on the court, while the substitute players returned to the bench to sit down.
Sitting on the cold bench bench, the surrounding teammates sighed and complained to Yan Min: “Which way did you kid take Yan Min? What else did you say that you are proficient in German, the result? It made us lost!”
“Yeah, yeah, if it weren’t for you to show the way, how could we lose to them in the crossing!”
“Ah, my starter! I want to be teammates with Brother Yi! I want to play with him! ! ” ”
I want ”
in a devastated in, sitting on 杭州夜生活网 the bench but Yan Min snorted:”! teammates do what good rare ”
!” you do not care, we are rare ah ”
!” is that ”
Yan Min pouted: “Zhou Yi was our teammate in the first half, and we will be our opponent in the second half. When we play again,