children are very lively!
After the Spring Festival episode, on the 28th, the Blazers avenged the Bobcats.
Wayne sent a total of 3 blocks in the game against the Bobcats, all of which were covered by Gerald Wallace.
As expected, Ge Wei, who is known as “Never Hold Enmity”, is really magnanimous.
Don’t tell me, after this chase badge is upgraded to silver, the effect is really significant.
With one goal, Elvis was ready to sprint and dunk, and Wayne was stunned to catch up and complete the nail board cap.
At that time, Okafor was frightened.
What kind of monsters did I fight against when I was in college!
In the game against the Jazz on the 31st, Chris Poll finally returned after the gun mount was repaired.
Well, I made a special trip to come back and be beaten.
Today, Deron’s guns on the bench were taken very hard by Deron, and Deron made 12 of 18 shots 杭州桑拿网 and scored 35 points!
Kenny Smith ridiculed Paoer: “Why is this? After taking a rest for so long, what will you do if you take a break? Just want to come back and be beaten so impatiently?”
This wave of Paoer’s operations is called it. The league’s comeback was the first person to be beaten, giving Deron a lot of fun.
In this world, it is naturally impossible for a player to come back for the sake of being beaten.
It’s just that Paoer misassessed the strength of the enemy and ours.
He thought Deron was here to be beaten.
So he hurriedly came back, for fear that the fat in his mouth would run away.
Where do you know, it was me who was beaten so much!
All this is just a beautiful misunderstanding.
Although Deron played one of the best performances of the season today, the Blazers still beat the Jazz 122 to 108.
The Jazz 杭州洗浴网 have known for the first time in a row that they have lost to the Blazers.
The Blazers were all soldiers today, and the team scored in double figures with six players.
Wayne had 30 points, his sister-in-law had 16 points, Paoer had 14 points, Parker had 14 points, Dasheng had 13 points, and Bi


dened 杭州夜生活论坛 to three points-PSV won at home. In this case, if Ajax wants to win the championship, they have only to fight PSV with goal difference, because they have ten more goal difference than PSV. But the prerequisite must be that they win at home in the last round and PSV loses away to Roosendaal, who is currently ranked thirteenth. But is it possible?
It can be said that this is a game without a winner.
In the final round of the league, Volendam will still be at home, and their opponents are the Rotterdam elite who are ranked behind them. Both sides need to be relegated. This game will not be a friendly fight, but a life-and-death duel. It’s no wonder that Adrianse replaced Zhang Jun in the middle of the last round, and the relegated teams usually explode in the end that makes the strong teams unstoppable. However, Adrian must withstand, 杭州夜网论坛 Warrendam must also withstand, there is a two-point difference between the two teams, whoever loses will play the playoffs. For the current situation where the team is physically weak, playing the play-offs means relegation.
Just two days before the final round of the game, there was a news that Ochu would transfer to Armsden, the first-tier team after the end of the season. Due to his inability to adapt to the game effectively in the Super League, he may be able to find his place in the first division. After hearing this news, Zhang Jun always felt a little uneasy. Although he was able to secure the main force by strength, he squeezed Ochu to the bench after all. The more Ochu doesn’t care, the more disturbed his heart is.
“Fool, he is not good at his own strength and has nothing to do with you.” Yang Pan enlightened Zhang Jun.
“That’s what I said, but I still want to do something for him.” Zhang Jun said while lying on the bed with his head resting on his hands.
“What can you do for him? Go and suggest to the club to keep Ochu? Don’t be silly, go to bed, tomorrow is the key battle!” Yang Pan turned off the lamp beside his bed, and the room was suddenly da


But even the most pessimistic person, I’m afraid that their team would have 杭州桑拿论坛 Bayern Munich scored three goals in the opening 22 minutes.
What does this score mean?
It means that they want to win this home game already very difficult. What Roma can and should do now is to close this point difference, and if they can score, it would be great.
In the second round, there is still a chance to fight to the death.
In Germany, Bayern Munich fans are cheering.
3:0, let them see the hope of qualifying to the quarter-finals.
Now Bayern can completely recover and play a real defensive counterattack. Even if they no longer score goals, they feel that there is no suspense in winning.
I didn’t expect this away game to be so easy.
Everyone felt that Bayern Munich had a chance to win. Then they might slow down and play more easily.
But what happened next was completely beyond normal expectations.
In the 29th minute, Misimovi? made a straight pass. Lucas Sutton returned after receiving the ball. Schweinsteiger made a powerful long shot and the football flew for the fourth time. Roma goal.
Then in the forty-fourth minute, at the end of the first half, it was another classic quick counterattack. In the counterattack, Rongguang scored his third 杭州桑拿网 goal of the game and completed the hat trick!
“5:0! 5:0! 5:0 in the first half! Bayern Munich scored five goals in a crazy first half! And Rong completed a hat-trick in these 45 minutes! It’s really difficult! Believe it! Unbelievable!” Even the German commentator Marcel Leif was shocked.
When Bayern Munich scored two goals, everyone thought this start was really wonderful. After Bayern Munich scored three goals, they felt that Bayern Munich could already face the next game with a relaxed attitude.
How can I think that Bayern Munich did not relax, but made persistent efforts and scored two more goals! Among them, glory has completed a hat trick.
This kind of performance, let alone opponents, even their own fans did not expect.
The Bayern Munich fans in


n and Korstadzic have already decided to leave the team.
In addition, the team also lost Vihrag, Skripnik, Banovic, Jurgen and others.
Some of them chose to play in other teams because they couldn’t find a place in the team. Some people are because of retirement.
In 杭州龙凤 addition, the contract of midfielder Listes expired, because he refused to renew his contract with the team before, so he has now left the team.
Rollfess therefore stayed in the team, he might have been loaned to Aachen.
Most of the players who left Werder Bremen this summer are defenders.
Therefore, Alofs’ signing plan also focuses on the enhancement of the back line.
He then brought in the German home defender Frank Fallenhorst who played for Bochum.
This player is a free transfer and did not cost Werder Bremen a penny.
I have to say that Alofs is still very good at planning.
In addition, he continues to pursue other transfer goals.
Of course, the team’s preparations cannot stop and wait for Alofs to buy all the players before starting training camp.
So in this process, Werder Bremen’s training camp did not stop for a moment.
Outstanding physical fitness allows Rongguang to perform well during the team training.
The same is true for the pre-season warm-up match.
When the team went to Switzerland for training, he played three warm-up matches, and scored in all three warm-up matches.
The Chinese media cheered for the outstanding performance 杭州桑拿按摩网 of Glory, while the German media said that the excellent state of Glory will definitely make Werder Bremen’s opponents headache.
“The best news is not which strong support Werder Bremen has brought in, but Rong’s condition is very good.”
On July 20th, Werder Bremen completed all the signings.
After they won Gustavo Neri and Fallenhorst, they bought out the Turkish full-back Yumit Davala, who was loaned to the team last season, at a cost of 500,000 euros.
Also bought out was the central defender Ismail, who was loaned from Strasbourg last season and spent 750,000 eu


he ball quickly without missing the opportunity.
This is the training method that Rongguang figured out after seeing similar situations in the game.
At the same time, in the park where Rongguang always trains, the reporters who are waiting hard have not waited for Rongguang.
“Strange, isn’t it that Rong will definitely come here to train?”
Chapter 243 Zhong intended
to In the next league, Bayern Munich played against Werder Bremen, which is the 杭州桑拿论坛 glorious old club.
But now the media has not hyped up this matter much.
Because the story between Rongguang and Werder Bremen is the past. Since the beginning of last season, everyone has known it. They hyped up the past between Rongguang and Werder Bremen, and they will not let Rongguang in the game. Be merciful.
For today’s glory, except that he will not celebrate after scoring, it is no different from any ordinary game.
In this game, Magath did not rotate. Although Bayern Munich led Werder Bremen by six points, he still did not think this was a safe lead in the long league. Anyway, there is no suspense in the Champions League quarter-finals. The second round can allow a lot of substitute players to play. The main players do not need to stay for this game, so it is better to let them continue to start in this game and win over Roma. The prestige defeated Werder Bremen.
If you can beat your competitors in direct dialogue, you can further extend the lead over Werder Bremen. Bayern Munich’s lead in the league has a positive effect on their performance in the Champions League.
That way, they can not be too distracted in the league, and can show a better and 杭州品茶 more stable performance in the Champions League.
In the end, Bayern Munich defeated Werder Bremen 2-1 at their home court.
Rongguang scored a goal in this game, and his league goals have reached nineteen.
And it was not Klose who scored for Werder Bremen, it was Golin. This ball is also his seventh this season.
After practicing with Rongguang, Gao Lin made significant progress and


adrid fans.
Everyone thinks that he is a real “Real Madridist”.
He cheered for the success of Real Madrid, did not conceal his emotions, will also feel sad and frustrated for the failure of Real Madrid, and will never congratulate Real Madrid’s mortal enemy.
In a sense, in fact, he is also a “brain 杭州桑拿按摩论坛 fan” of Real Madrid.
This game was generally optimistic about Real Madrid before the game, and he thinks so too.
As the result of the game progressed, he did not watch that way, he felt danger, which made him very unhappy.
But at this moment, the Chinese appeared ghostly in front of him, and mocked himself with victory.
“Coward? Huh? Who is the coward?!” He pointed to his nose and smiled.
This is simply adding fuel to the fire!
Javier Martinez suddenly stood up from his seat-after the game just now, he couldn’t stand up without his strength, but now he seems to be resurrected in a state of full blood.
“What are you talking about, Chinaman?! “Javier Rodríguez Martinez gritted his teeth.
The reporters around him reacted. The Spanish reporter went to La Martinez, while the Chinese reporter protected Liu Elephant.
Protected by his compatriots behind, Liu Daxiang’s mouth was not idle. He was still shouting to Martinez: “Who said Rong would not appear on the right before the game? Who said Rong is a coward? Who is it? Ah?! Are you courageous to say that you have the courage to admit it? Coward! Look at his performance in this game! He played on the right, 杭州品茶 your world’s number one left-back can’t raise his head! Even halftime Pass!!! What qualifications do you have to say that he is a coward in front of Rong?!”
Liu Xiangxiang echoed through the media with a strong accent in Spanish, but it seemed to hit everyone’s heart.
He was right.
In the first half of this game, although no goals were scored, everyone’s glorious performance was obvious to all.
Because of his activity on the right, Roberto Carlos had almost no decent assists in the first half. Because the speed of Rongguang is t


ot before and after the turning point, for the game’s pen and ink, in fact, I only rewrite the opener and the Celtics.
And then, the story mainly explains the growth of the main characters such as Su Feng, Duncan, Kobe, and Tracy McGrady.
Basketball essays are actually group image essays. In fact, you can look back. Most of the basketball essays you have read, how many games you can remember? And the reality is so cruel. There has always been a common problem with basketball articles at the beginning, that is, once the season 杭州洗浴网 begins, subscriptions for a book will drop significantly, and until the end of the season, in the offseason, subscriptions will gradually come back.
The reason for this is that one game after another, after too many descriptions, it is easy to make readers feel tired, just like fantasy, always fighting and killing. There is no 杭州夜网论坛 story line, no character description, no matter how well the game is written, it is easy for readers to skip bookings, or even jump directly to the end of the season.
But from the beginning of the bull fight, the story of the iron fight can be said to be one after another. There is a plot in the daily life, and in the plot, it also interacts with the daily life, paving the way for each other to form a corner. In this way, the fluency of the plot of the whole book is completely different.
Therefore, it is not that Aqie does not write about the game, but that the main theme of this season is not the game. Just like I can use 20 chapters to write a season, and I can use 100,000 words to describe a playoff round of playing the Bulls. When it is time to write the game, the game will appear, but when it is necessary to make concessions for 杭州品茶 the plot, the game must also make concessions.
Only by telling a complete story, in A Zhi’s eyes, it is a book worthy of repeating for myself in the future.
Therefore, the character description of Larry Brown is actually to promote the service from the beginning. Because of the cycad’s personality, I only need t


d were entwined like iron wires. This was the first time he had used the power of a spiritual warrior in nearly ten years. His red eyes stared at Duke Enxi like a beast glaring at its prey,
“Threatening me! “Emperor Laubot rushed up on the chair, his half-squinted eyes suddenly widened, “Dare to threaten the emperor of the empire, thinking”
“Your Majesty!” Duke Eric shouted, his indifferent voice pressed After the emperor’s voice, he successfully interrupted what the emperor was about to say next, and he also stood up from his seat, “No one can threaten you, threaten the ruler of the empire, Duke Enxi is just expounding his views on the establishment of the’Combined Legion’ You should be calm in your opinion.”
“Your Majesty, you are the overlord of the entire continent. We are just a humble courtier under your command.” For the first time, Duke Gena showed sufficient respect, “Our request is very simple, the’Union Legion’ can be established, but must have enough reason, you do not have to convince me, so we can not promise, if you want to use your right to punish the emperor of us, and now we stand here! ”
Duke Wagner, then successfully 杭州品茶 transferred The emperor’s sight also bore part of the emperor’s anger towards Duke Ensi. Duke
Eric raised his brows at this time. His scrutinizing gaze swept around on Duke Ensi and Duke Gner. Then, his gaze Staying on the Duke of Chester, he finally looked at the Duke
of Nick. At this moment, the Duke of Nick also looked at the Duke of Eric. The two looked at each other briefly, and both saw a trace of dignity and doubt in each other’s eyes.
“Your Majesty” Count Ron also wanted to speak.
“In the name of the emperor, we all shut up for me!” Emperor Laubot roared.
“Kang” the emperor smashed the wine glass in his hand to the ground, and he roared during the bright red wine tossing: “Everything we have is given by the royal family, everything. Now, I order that we must complete the joint army within one month. Formation!”
“Wrong! The supreme emperor


ll helping the Clan City Alliance.” Actually, Sheila-Marne mentioned this when she reported on the formation of the Clan City Alliance forces just now. She just wanted to use the report just now to tell this matter, but Peidi did not focus on this issue at that time.
“I want to tell me that Duke Andy Barrett deceived us!” Pedi’s tone was slightly cold.
“Your Majesty,” Sir Bipp, who had been silent, suddenly said: “In fact, ten minutes before I came in, the 杭州夜生活网 Ministry of Foreign Affairs received a message from the Duchy of Twak. It was a letter of apology from Duke Andy Barrett. The officials didn’t understand it, and I didn’t understand it just now. Now I want to come here to apologize for what happened last night.”
He slowly walked forward as he spoke and put a very ordinary diplomatic letter in a small wooden box. On the desk, “Duke Andy said that in order to make up for his mistake, he will launch a raid war against Cran City at 2 o’clock this afternoon.”
Peidi suppressed his anger and opened the wooden box that had been opened. , Opened the letter inside, and when he saw the familiar handwriting on it, he threw it aside.
He doesn’t want to see anything about Andy Barrett now!
“Damn speculator, I really want to kick him in the head.” Peidi couldn’t help speaking vulgar language.
“I said earlier that the facts should be clarified to Duke Andy.” Sheila Manne said at this time: “He doesn’t
even know the consequences of what he did.” “I can bet, even if Andy knows him like this. Doing so will lead to the destruction of the world, and he will still carry out his plan without hesitation.” Peidi said angrily: “This is him, he only believes in himself.” After the
complaining words were finished, Peidi stood. He got up and walked quickly to the side of the map, and asked: “How many troops are in the hands of Duke Andy Barrett, and can they pose a substantial threat on the flank of Cran City?”
“Duke Andy has invested nearly three times in Cran City. Ten thousand soldiers, he still has th


exploded them to pieces.
The light of “Sun Zhizhuo” took the opportunity to shine through, causing the monster to hiss in pain.
Charlotte on the other side did not attack, but raised her right hand wearing white gloves, and a huge illusory palm appeared around the monster, holding it, making it difficult to get rid of for a while.
The four-ring force field magic “Douglas’s huge palm” is said to be a series of palm-shaped force field magic that improved a legendary magician in ancient times.
The “element” ring on the index finger of the right hand continuously brings Lucien’s vitality recovery acceleration. After blocking an attack, he has the ability to move. However, Lucien did not escape and still stood on the spot. Take out a crystal ball from the storage bag.
The crystal ball darkened abruptly, like a dark night sky, and then the stars shone with pure light.
Then the crystal ball flew up on its own and floated 20 centimeters above Lucian’s head. A little bit of starlight around it condensed into twelve bright light balls, which corresponded to the 杭州夜网论坛 stars in the crystal ball one by one, and surrounded it. Following the revolution, a small astrological system is constructed.
This monster similar to a nightmare, ordinary magic attacks are ineffective, so Lucian did not waste time to try the power of fireballs, poisonous fog, etc., but directly cast the unique magic “Maskilin Star”. This is a galaxy magic that integrates illusion detection, interference with the enemy’s “destiny”, absorption of supernatural powers, and flying out of the “planet” to attack. There is a corresponding nine-ring magic “Maski” in the “Book of Astrology and Elements” Lin’s Astrology Diagram”.
With the completion of the construction of the “Maskilin Star” overhead, starlights shot out from the surrounding light group, shining on the monster, trying to identify whether it was an illusion!
Under the starlight, this monster did not change in any way.
At this time, Charlotte pointed her black magic wand again