n alone.”

“The eighth rank monk, Grand Magister Tisrael, come freely.”
Ren Suo raised his eyebrows slightly, the wizard The president of the council, can actually become an eighth rank cultivator?
Now, Ren Suo 杭州桑拿按摩网 has drawn twice in a row, and naturally there is no guarantee for the first draw in the card pool. He can’t help but hesitate at this time.
He wanted to smoke, none of these.
However, he also knew how slim he could get.
One of the most important points is that the target role he wants is less than ten years old this year.
Karen, it’s after 10!
In 1999, Karen’s cells hadn’t split yet!
But Ren Suo is convinced that what he can draw from this card pool is not only this.
Because tomorrow is about to usher in that important day, he must gather all the customs clearance factors today.
Because there is an effect, there is a cause.
But there is no problem with the card pool, and there is no problem with Ren Suo. Then the problem can only be
Ren Suo lowered his head to look at Xiao Jiu, who tilted his head to look at him.
Ren Suo took a deep breath, looked at the screen of his mobile phone, and chose “Qianlian Xun” again!
At this time, Lin Xianyu came over and took Xiao Jiu’s other hand, and asked in a fawning manner: “Xiao Jiu Xiao Jiu, can you make a tail tonight?”
Xiao Jiu shook his head quickly: “No! Xiao Jiu didn’t want to move. 杭州品茶
Let Xianyu touch the tail!” “Oh, Xiaojiu, you will make your sister a good sister. My sister will make you very comfortable.” Lin Xianyu tried to bribe: “The big deal I will lend you my full-skin account.”
“Don’t don’t!” Xiao Jiu snorted: “Your number card bug swipes some coupons, maybe it will be blocked one day!”
“Swipe some coupons? Is there such a good thing?” Ren Suo blinked. Asked the face curiously.
Lin Xianyu waved his hand: “It’s not that exaggerated. It’s just that I encountered a system bug when I charged my money. Suddenly I got hundreds of thousands of coupons. It was a coincidence that the official didn’t seem to care abou

Sun Hao Xiaosun, so let’s call it Xiaoxiaosun.”

Confirmed the tone, it was Zhang 杭州夜生活论坛 instructed himself.
Sun Yue smiled and nodded, his face slightly shy.
Before learning how to make the car shake, Sun Yue was still a sunny and shy boy.
“This is the first time you have played a formal game on behalf of the national team, how about it? Are you nervous?”
Mentor Zhang suggested psychologically.
“Well, I’m very nervous, but Brother Hao told me to take out the state of chasing a girl for the first time, and I feel better.”
Zhang Weiping was taken aback after listening, and then couldn’t help laughing.
What Sun Hao said is very spiritual!
Of course, what’s more interesting is that Sun Yue said so that he couldn’t copy the original words!
Both of them are very interesting.
But let’s not say, Sun Yue’s external image is already very good, and with this answer, suddenly there are countless female fans.
“Well, tonight is the Japanese men’s basketball team. This is also our old opponent. Do you think the team can beat them tonight?”
Zhang Weiping then asked.
When Sun Yue heard this question, he had a shy expression before, and suddenly became excited.
“That’s for sure, Xiao Ri.” 杭州洗浴网
Sun Yue was only in his early 20s. It was just when he was full of blood, he blurted out his catchphrase a second.
Sun Hao was still behind him quickly, patted him on the shoulder, and while interrupting him, he also slapped the camera with cuteness.
Sun Yue was also very clever, and when he was interrupted, he remembered where the game was.
It would be a big problem if you blurt it out, maybe you have to be troubled after the game.
But his brain is bright and he reacts quickly.
“The Japanese players who have had a good little life, their strength is very good, but I believe Brother Hao and them, we will win the game.” There was a
surprising answer.
“Why do you have to win 30 points?”
However, what Sun Hao said left Sun Yue speechless for a while.
It’s better to let him blurt out in front of h


over, belief in his “Wolf King Cult” will disappear.
In the end, his world is still the black of’stinks’.
Did I light up you?
Or did you light me up?
Garnett felt that he was really going to be turned into a philosopher by this kid.
“if you can enter the NBA, I am willing to put my bully rookie of the last places to you, kid, do not let me down, if you really belief that ‘Garnett’, 杭州桑拿网 the dilemma will not beat you!”
Within plus Te said silently in his heart.
He didn’t want this magical boy to disappear from his world.
At this time, he didn’t even know that his hands had become fists because of tension.
Garnett didn’t know, but the teammates around Garnett could see it clearly!
“KG has become more and more weird recently!”
A rookie destroyer is about to become a rookie guardian.
Is this the KG they are familiar with?
Chen Xiao’s popularity is still as high as its peak.
At this time, Chen Xiao in the SAP center naturally didn’t know that someone was caring about him.
In the cheers of the fans, Chen Xiao and Marquette University players walked into the stadium.
Chen Xiao also had a dedicated defense before, but he was not the best defensive player on each team.
Of course, if there is not enough strength 杭州桑拿论坛 to support, this kind of popularity will only be one month, one year, and at most four years.
But this does not prevent the fact that Chen Xiao is still the focus of the world at this moment.
Even though many teams and many people were completely disappointed with Chen Xiao in the last game, there are still a lot of bigwigs staring at this game.
It is precisely because of this that the recent explosions, and the three players of the’Missouri Three Tigers’ who are chasing Marquette’s Three Eagles, looked at Chen Xiao’s eyes, filled with desire.
“As long as you step on them, everything they have now is ours!”
As long as they are defeated, they will be short-lived, and we can move on!
Defeating them is very simple, UCLA has become a teacher.
Just beat that ama


emed to be forgotten.
He is really angry. With my strength, I should play the main force in the National Youth Team. Even if the competition is not glorious, he is better than Gao Lin who can only play planes, right?
He couldn’t figure it out.
In the end, he decided 杭州龙凤 to directly ask the “organization” for help.
One night, he knocked on the door of the team leader Feng Mingjian’s room.
Feng Mingjian was not surprised at all that Dong Zhuofang came to him, but he still pretended to be surprised on the surface: “It’s so late, what’s the matter with you, Xiao Dong?”
Dong Zhuofang said aggrieved as soon as he entered the room: “I don’t want to play anymore, team leader! I came to the National Youth Team from Belgium with the idea of ??winning glory for the country, but look at me now.”
He originally thought he was acting like a baby, and the team leader would definitely comfort him, and then he He put forward the request to play the main force, and let the team leader put pressure on Klauchen. He can see clearly that China and Germany are not dealing with each other, and there is a conflict 杭州洗浴网 between the team leader and Klauschen. As long as you make good use of this conflict, you can play the game.
Crawson is so awesome, doesn’t he still have to listen to the Football Association? The leader is the spokesperson of the Football Association in the team.
When the time comes, the Football Association will put pressure on Klauschen, will he dare to listen?
He was making wishful thinking in his heart, but he heard the team leader’s voice: “Your thoughts are wrong, Xiao Dong.”
“Huh?” Dong Zhuofang unexpectedly looked up at the team leader Feng Mingjian.
“Isn’t sitting on the bench winning glory for the country? What would the other teammates who play on the bench think? If every one of them knocks on my door in the middle of the night, then I can’t sleep anymore?” Feng Mingjian Said seriously.
Dong Zhuofang didn’t 杭州桑拿按摩网 understand why the team leader would say this, but he was sure of one thing


ttle anxiously and expectantly stood on the sidelines to supervise the battle.
He certainly hopes 杭州龙凤 that the team can take Udinese away, but to be honest, it is already very good to be able to equalize three times behind, and he can’t ask for more.
He set his sights on Gao Zheng.
To say that the only person who can withstand more demands is probably him.
In this game Gao Zheng has scored three goals and completed a hat-trick. It stands to reason that he can’t expect Gao Zheng to do better.
But Di Francisco took it for granted that Gao Zheng could do better.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t ask if he was going to break a record by the way.
This kid can always turn decay into magic.
This kid is definitely not only capable of this!
Not only the head coach Di Francisco, but the Sampdoria fans in front of the TV and in the stands, all chose to look at Gao Zheng at this time.
Can Sampdoria complete this breakthrough and go home with 杭州桑拿按摩网 three points?
Everyone looks at Gao Zheng. If it is possible, then only Gao Zheng can do it, right?
Xiao Yingying is like a devout believer, putting her hands together, her lips tightly closed, and looking at the TV.
She is not the only one doing this.
The Chinese students in front of the TV were nervous, with anticipation in their eyes.
They have always regarded Gao Zheng as their hero.
What is a hero? If a hero is admired by all, he must do what all the people can’t do.
Otherwise, why worship heroes?
If a hero can only do what ordinary people can do, what kind of hero is it?
Usually people like him so much, support him, and regard him as an idol. Is it right that he can enjoy flowers, applause and honor?
Of course not, just need him to stand up at this time!
In this game, Gao Zheng has stood up three times, but it is 杭州夜生活网 not enough, because the team has not yet been able to win the game, everyone hopes that he can stand up for the fourth time and end the game.
At first glance this seems to be very unfair to Gao Zheng. Why is a player who has complete


the direction of the lounge again, where there seemed to be heated discussions.
“Hey! Come out for me! Training!” He kicked a long shot to the door of the lounge, and the football hit the wall next to the door with a cheerful sound.
“Oh!!” The players rushed out of the house one after another.
“Oh! Lao Liang is so anxious. Wait, I’ll finish reading this last paragraph.” The man with the newspaper didn’t seem to want to leave yet, but he was pulled out by a beautiful girl: “Go away, Xiaoqiang! Coach these days
If you’re in a bad mood, be careful to be punished by him to run the circle!” “I warn you, don’t call me like that!”
“Humph! The warning 杭州夜生活网 is invalid! You are still shy when you call me like this since you were young?” The
two ran away noisily, inside the house. Quiet again. The newspaper was lying quietly on the table, and the front page headline on it was the news that Zhang Jun had undergone surgery.
Kaka stood up from the bench, and the Italian reporter who interviewed him, Andre Cargliani, also stood up and shook hands with Kaka, “Thank you very much for accepting the interview with Gazzetta dello Sport. Congratulations again to AC Milan won the league championship this season.”
Kaka smiled and replied: “That is the credit of the whole team. I heard that you planned to do such an interview with Zhang Jun, right?”
“Ah, yes. But because of his injury. So this plan was put on hold.”
“Well, when he gets better, let me contact you.”
“That’s great! Speaking of which he has finally undergone the operation, a lot of time was lost in the process. know if I can, ”
Kaka broke Andre’s worried:”… no problem, you can now go to the idea of the problems met when the guy can stand up, ”
Andre then think of it, the card When Ka said this, he was looking at the sunset in the distance, which 杭州桑拿按摩论坛 was the direction of the West, France.
Although Yang Pan has passed practice and learned to cook some simple meals after countless failures, he decided to go to the “China china”


ave been armed with stainless steel to their teeth.” The old king was very excited. “Look at the messengers, look at the clothes they wear, and look at the animal skins on my king, although they behave very friendly. 杭州桑拿论坛 But the contempt and disregard in their eyes is obvious.”
“They look down on our civilization, not just them, but the goblins, orcs and even the giants living in the mountains. They all look down on our civilization. The empires call us’barbarians’, and goblins call us’mountain people’! Why? Because our kingdom is too backward!”
“More than two hundred years ago, our ancestors chose to use heavy snow to resist the empire’s invasion, but today, two hundred years later, the empire has already defeated the cold, and their cotton and fur coats even It can be equipped to every soldier!” Sakdo drank all the red wine in the glass in one sip, “So, we must make changes. Before the new empire appears, we need to arm ourselves first!”
Kebot said quietly. Listen, he didn’t have too much expression on his face. When the old king finished speaking, he straightened up and placed himself in the brightest place and said, “Then, this is your decision. You can exchange for Pedi at all costs.
-Reagan ‘s support?” “I can kill Prince Nurif and destroy one-third of the kingdom’s power in exchange for internal stability, and I can also trade a greater price for the kingdom in exchange for the future!” Flushing on Thaktor’s face Gradually faded, he looked extremely calm, “The future of the kingdom is more important than anyone and anything!”
“Your will, Your Majesty.” Kebot lowered his head in response to the king’s decision, and then he raised his head and talked to the king again. Staring at each other, “Then, if there is a war, why not make this war a 杭州品茶 little bigger? Don’t forget, we just gained an ally not long ago.”
“No Karen, from the Principality of Rigrock Trofeel?” Thaktor thought of him for an instant, “Didn’t it mean that Trofeel has no extra power to fight against the elves? The empty ci


re, Archon Cove.” Daisy-Danny bowed respectfully, and quickly led the others to follow Dempto-Bob and left the conference room.
Soon, only Keve-Lambo and his two loyal subordinates were left in this small meeting room.
Keve-Lambo’s awkward smiling face became a bit hideous after everyone left. He sat there and took a few deep breaths and then squeezed a word from his teeth, “Go!” A
few minutes later, the
Green Room waited for the 杭州洗浴网 report. Members of Congress received notice that the meeting was cancelled.
In the speaker’s office, Daisy-Danny leaned against the window, looking at the vague figure before the building’s surgeon Wei-Lambo boarded the carriage, and said: “This time, I
am upset with our chief consul.” “It’s him. I asked for it myself.” Dempto took out a bottle of red wine and two glasses from the wine cabinet.
“Aren’t you afraid to push him?”
“It’s useless if he is in a hurry!” Dempto took two wine glasses full of wine and walked to the window. “If he is really sure about it, today he will take it. It won’t be just two small soldiers who will come.”
“Obviously, Marshal Terra Lunschke did not agree to imposing monarchy.” Daisyly Danny took the wine glass.
“Marshal Terra is wiser than imagined. Most of the nobles who originally followed Kove-Rambo have clearly stated that they will not support Kove-Rambo’s imperialism.” Dempto-Bob has confidence on his face. Smile.
Daisy-Danny laughed and said, “The Elf Base Camp did not seem to notice the changes taking place in the battle of Clan, and General Ungloth did not assemble the main elves of the Sukk Plain. ”
Dempto-Bob leaned on the wall and looked at the magnificent ceiling.” General Ungloth thought he could easily defeat all the enemies in the Cran collar. Therefore, he only assembled a small number of ranger troops, and the alliance was in Cran. The main force around the city is mostly the local army in the northern part of the Sukh Plain.”
“That is to say, the elves may fall a big somersault on the Klan co


the Belém River and saw the piles of trash like hills, but Lucian was surprised that there was not as much garbage as he thought, and the place where the garbage was piled was as clear as green. The gem’s river water is still some distance away, and it can’t be washed away by the river water: “Could 杭州夜生活论坛 it be gathered and treated with
magical techniques?” The surroundings were very quiet, Lucien did not see a half-person figure, only the stench came from: “No. Other people come here to search for valuable things in the trash? Is
it because they are afraid of the plague, or they don’t have this habit?” Regardless of the reason, Lucian seemed to see piles of foul-smelling trash. Money, after disposing of my trash, I can’t help but walk around here, completely ignoring the smell. Compared to the unseen plague, the empty purse allows Lucien to take a certain risk. Besides, this world still has magic and magic to heal.
Of course, Lucien was also afraid of contracting any disease. When looking for trash, he hugged his hands with waste paper, very cautiously.
As an organization of the upper class, the Musicians Association naturally has more valuable things in its trash than others, but Lucien still finds a lot of things that can sell some money here.
Considering that he had to pass through the city gate for fear of causing suspicion by others, and it was the first time Lucien was a little nervous, so he just took a rotten cloth bag and moved the rest to a nearby shelter. Get up, then push the four-wheeler back to the original road, then put the first oil lamp wrapped in paper in a cloth bag, stack it on the four-wheeler, and arrange it as flat as possible to make it look like it is spread on the four-wheeler Avoid dirt on the quadricycle.
As for the veil and other things that can be hidden on the body, Lucien of course put it in his pocket.
As he passed the city gate, the guard soldiers still just glanced at random and waved to let Lucian in.
Pushing four wheels to the side of Andre and


about why the church did not continue to move westward, did not crusade against the evil creatures of the dark mountains and the kingdom of the evil gods, Natasha answered three sentences meaningfully:
“In the eyes of most believers, Heretics are more hateful than heretics.”
“The northern fortress on the border between the principality and the Shahran Empire is home to all the holy sword knights.”
“Why did that part of the cardinal church choose to split? Hehe, now no one knows except the pope and the 杭州夜生活网 pope of the northern cult.”
From these historical books, Lucien also knows that the Principality of Valourite and Syrah The ancient kingdom and the northern provinces of the Holy Heltz Empire are the front lines against heresy.
As for the entire continent, in addition to the two great empires, there is also the southernmost Gusta Empire. However, since the royal family has lost the ability to control great nobles and great lords, it can only be said to be a formal empire. As for other kingdoms, There are nearly 60 people in the Principality, the Belarus, the Federation of Free Cities, etc., including those who believe in the Northern Cult.
In addition, there is an “inner sea” similar to the Mediterranean Sea in the eastern part of the mainland, called “Storm Strait”. Natasha’s mother is the princess of the opposite kingdom.
Regarding the country on the opposite side of the “Storm Strait,” all the books and documents that Lucien saw were recorded very simply, which was almost nothing.
Two weeks before the new year, when the cold wind was blowing outside, Lucien sat in front of the fireplace in the living room, roasting her body warmly, and letting the recliner 杭州夜生活论坛 slowly rock, she continued to interpret “Astrology and Elements” as if she was asleep. The Book.
Lucian’s biggest gain during this time is that he has mastered the commonly used ancient magic empire text!
In the 101st chapter of the legendary professional
soul library, the “Book of Astrology and Elements” was opened page by pa