ching the Barcelona game, he looked at the league between Dortmund and Nuremberg.

He was not able to see the last Zhouyi game, and this time he didn’t want to miss it. Just listening to Zhou Yi said that it was not intuitive enough. He had to watch and see how Zhou Yi played with his own eyes, so as to give himself 杭州夜生活论坛 a reference.
In Schalke, Germany, Yang Muge was not selected for the squad of Schalke 04U19. He stayed at home. Julian Draxler also regretted Yang Muge. But Yang Muge comforted Draxler, saying that he should take a break after starting several consecutive games.
In fact, the real reason he does not regret is that he can watch the Bundesliga match live broadcast at home instead of listening to the broadcast on the way back like the last match.
The game he is concerned about is naturally not the Schalke 04 home game against Hertha Berlin, but the home game of Dortmund vs. Nuremberg.
At the same time, in London, England, in Milan, Italy, there were also eyes staring at the screen of Dortmund and Nuremberg matches on TV.
Zhouyi’s game affected not only his parents and domestic fans, but also the same. My fellow Europeans.
In the locker room, Klopp also announced the starting lineup to his players.
Zhou Yi really was among them.
In fact, the teammates are not surprised that Zhou Yi will start. After all, everyone sees his performance in the last game. Since Sha Xin is injured, 杭州龙凤 why can’t Zhou Yi start?
It would be strange if Zhou Yi did not start.
Grosskreuz touched Zhou Yi and winked at him.
And Gotze, who also entered the big list, failed to start. After
announcing the starting list, Klopp put forward the requirements of the game.
“I don’t want to see again, like in the last game, I was ahead very early, but the scene became passive. This time we are playing at home. Don’t give the other side any chance to breathe! We must firmly control the situation. No matter what the score is!”
When he said this, he glanced at Zhou Yi.
Controlling the situation is actually me

at the end of his career.

So in the NBA, that sentence is still very practical: stay on the 杭州夜网论坛 front line and meet each other in the future.
Because your opponent today is likely to be your teammate tomorrow.
Not long after Rose signed the contract, Francis also made his decision.
It’s just that his decision was beyond most people’s expectations.
This also includes Sun Hao and O’Neill.
Well, Sun Hao guessed wrong again.
(Sun Hao: Meow Meow Meow? How about the protagonist’s face?)
Francis did not go to the Bulls, Sun Hao guessed right.
But he didn’t go to the Celtics either!
He finally chose to go to the Wizards! !
“Salary is not the main consideration for me. I want to go to a place where I can win.”
This is Francis’s personal Twitter message after his decision.
Garnett and the Celtics said they were offended!
However, it is very exciting!
This is invisibly escalating the battle between the Wizards and the Celtics 杭州夜生活网 in the east!
“You said, will Boston fail to make the finals?”
After Francis announced the news, Sun Hao sat and chatted with O’Neal again.
At this time, he thought of Durant’s trumpet exchange with netizens on social media: “We should expect the scene where Boston can’t make the 杭州桑拿网 finals.”
Isn’t that true?
Originally, after Artest went, the Wizards had already shown enough strength to fight the Celtics.
Now Francis.
Oh by the way, by the way, Francis is in his current state.
Although having trouble with the Knicks management and coaching staff, Francis still averaged 12+4+4 data per game.
And because of his experience as teammates with Yi Jianlian, he and Yao Ming should get along well.
Francis + McGrady + Artest + Huo Ershu + Yao Ming, the bench also has a number of high-quality substitutes such as Nelson, Alexander, and Uncle Mu.
The Washington “Rockets” team is likely to overturn the Celtics Big Three!
“Perhaps Steve went for this!”
O’Neal said, tapping his thigh.
Sun Hao also froze for a while, then laughed and patted O’Neal on the

enter~” The

fans at the scene were meditating.
Maybe it was this meditation that worked, or maybe it was too much energy on the defensive end that Daniels missed a three-pointer.
Bradley protected the key rebound.
The last 32 seconds.
Old Nelson, called a timeout!
When off the field, the bench Kukoc got up and high-five with his teammates on the field one by one.
As the team’s most experienced playoff veteran, he is using this method to encourage team morale.
At this time in another section of the court, Daniels was sprayed bloody by Popovich. 杭州洗浴网
Popovich almost fell to the ground with his tactical board.
Can’t prevent Sun Hao from throwing another key three-pointer, no wonder Popovich will be so angry.
And know that he had asked Daniels before.
“Can you handle him?”
Daniels gave the answer in the affirmative.
After the 杭州品茶 timeout, the Mavericks replaced Uncle Huo with Nash. This is an additional tactical change.
The fans at the scene watched the score on their heads for a while, and watched on the court for a while. They were nervous.
The last time the Mavericks entered the playoffs was 11 years ago, but the last time the Mavericks won in the 1987-88 season was 13 years ago.
Whether it can be done again after 13 years, it depends on the last 32 seconds.
Sun Hao received the ball outside, and the Spurs directly double-teamed.
Popovich’s thinking is very clear, and he will never give Sun Hao a chance to make a move.
Sun Hao returned the ball to Nash.
After all, Zhuge Nielsen still had a better move than Smavich, and he had already foreseen this situation.
Sun Hao changed from having the ball to no ball.
He came out with Nowitzki’s big waist round pick 杭州桑拿按摩网 and roll, and Nash’s pass was also given the first time.
Sun Hao is ready to catch the ball and make a shot.
But at this moment, a dark shadow hit his forehead.
It was too sudden and he had no time to dodge.
Sun Hao fell to the ground in response.
“Beep!” The
referee blew his whistle

ndolph made 758% of his free throws, which is quite accurate

. The fans of the entire ATT Center stood up and booed frantically.
But Randolph took a deep breath, he was about to bring glory to the big cotton field that accepted him.
“Two free throws were made. The Spurs only had the last one second left. They have not timed out. Zach Randolph, he almost laid the victory for the team!” In the
end, Richard Jefferson was helplessly far away. The three-point distance naturally did not allow miracles to happen.
When the game is over, the buzzer sounds.
101 to 98, the Grizzlies, the eighth in the West, won the first 61 wins of the Spurs in the West with a three-point advantage.
It broke the biggest upset of the playoffs so far!
Popovich fell to the bench and looked at the Grizzlies players who were celebrating in disbelief.
What’s this?
Although the Spurs scored in double figures with 6 players, the team shot only 40%.
The Grizzlies’ defensive ability was beyond the expectations of the old thief.
Popovich 杭州桑拿论坛 was dumbfounded, you are the eighth in the West! ?
One minute after the game, Wayne posted a death smile on his social media account.
And accompanied by the text: “So I said, the first in the West is not necessarily a good location. Whether this location is good or not, it depends on who is going to sit.”
At the same time, Sir Bar also posted a dynamic, just a picture, black 8 Billiards number, simple and easy to understand.
The old yin and yang are weird.
Well, in the age of social media, it is convenient for Wayne and Sir Barbara to beep separately. In the
first round of the playoffs, the scoring leader and the No. 1 in the Western Conference were overturned.
This is the 2011 playoffs.
This is the battle of the gods!
The old thief is messy in the wind alone. As a competent coach, he knows that today’s game is not 杭州龙凤 a coincidence.
The Grizzlies are really capable.
The mask of the clown, the old thief can’t escape either.
Two clowns were born in one round. Bat


nd work hard!
So after returning 杭州桑拿按摩论坛 to the Oracle Arena in Game 6, the Warriors were all soldiers, and everyone was in full state.
In the end, Paoer had 24 points and 13 assists, Howard had 21 points and 14 rebounds, Love had 20 points, and the Warriors scored 65 points in a triple-core combination. He did not give the old thief any chance and advanced to the Western Conference finals 4 to 2!
This also means that the Warriors and Trailblazers will finally meet at the top of the West.
To be honest, when the big Logo first built this lineup, the biggest imaginary enemy was the Blazers.
I just didn’t expect that the two sides finally met in the playoffs until now.
A line of guard + a line of center, this combination Wayne can be too familiar.
So far, all the matches in the conference finals have been released.
The first game will start on May 27!
The Trail Blazers and Warriors will be the first to make an appearance for the conference finals.
The day before the game started, Paoer and his Warriors arrived in the City of Roses.
Sitting on the team bus, Paoer was deeply moved.
Although it is not the first time to return to Portland to play games, this is indeed the first time 杭州品茶 after Paoer left to play in the playoffs in Portland.
Back then, he was also the master of kicking mousse, punching beasts, and winning two championships.
Hey, why are you so good?
Mousse: I admit to punching a beast, but what is it to kicking a mousse? You never played well in the finals that year! I really put gold on my face!
Looking at the familiar streets and atmosphere, Pao’er suddenly returned to the year.
In the Western Conference semifinals that just ended, Paoer smelled a hint of blood.
But he knew it was just a warm-up.
Playing against Wei Ge’s team is a real ground meat grinder.
After training with the team in the afternoon, Paoer put on a decent suit and brought a small gift to visit Wayne in the evening.
Seeing that Paoer brought a pizza over, Wayne looked suspicious.
“You can’t p


Su Feng: ”
Okay. A thousand defenses, how can Su Feng defend Duncan every time?
that’s all, I was slapped by Duncan once. When Su Feng wanted to come, it should be harmless.
And just as Su Feng silently endured Duncan’s big hand touching his head, suddenly
Let the shark cry back to Los Angeles mission has started.
As an idol player with both strength and appearance. , You have accepted the young Duncan’s request to you.
Please join Duncan and let Shaq O’Neal spend an unforgettable night for him!
Task requirements: In the All-Star Game, make O’Neal’s negative emotions reach 10 Ten thousand points.
Mission completion reward: 58 million strike iron value, and the only shot action synthesis card. Click here to view the shooting 杭州桑拿按摩网 action synthesis card function.
Note: If the host chooses to accept the task, then the host will compete with each other during the All-Star Game. Duncan’s “enemies bond” will be changed temporarily to “destiny fetters.”
By then, the host and Duncan’s attack, defense will have a slight enhancement.
task failed to punish: 58 million deducted host blacksmith value ” ”
!!! ”
the , Too!
Last year it was James and Kobe triggering tasks for themselves back and forth, but this year has become Duncan?
this seems to be the first mission Su Feng has received with a penalty for failure.
It’s just that, looking at the only synthetic card for the shooting action rewarded after the task is completed, Su Feng felt that he could not refuse
“Interesting, interesting. This task is not based on winning or losing, nor on my shooting percentage,
but simply on whether I can play O’Neal. “The mentality” makes
sense. Although there will be punishment for the failure of accepting the task this time, for Su Feng, who is very good at mentality, this task is simply giving him benefits.
In addition, the “fate of fate”
means that if he 杭州夜生活网 chooses this task, then he and Duncan will usher in a wave of small enhancements in tonight’s game


nk the league 杭州品茶 golden boots may not be like Gao thinks. So easy to get!”
Polly sent out a pass, Gao Zheng jumped in suddenly, and then rushed before Barzagli, and the football rolled to the back corner of the goal against the turf.
“Gao!!” Carressa exclaimed excitedly, Gao Zheng’s move was very ghostly.
But then everyone saw Buffon leaping sideways, hitting the football to the bottom line with a single palm!
“Buffon! Beautiful save! This is the third time he has blocked a high shot after losing the ball! It seems that the loss did not affect his mood,” Carressa praised.
Liu Hong feels that Gao Zheng has already scored anyway, so it doesn’t matter what he looks like now: “Buffon saved Gao Zheng’s shot again, but it’s a bit useless, because Gao Zheng has already scored 19 league rounds. Scored 17 goals and continued to lead the scorer list!”
He was very proud when he reported this number. 杭州桑拿按摩论坛
Although these goals were not scored by him.
“Come on! One more!” Lin Yuan stood in front of the TV, waving his fists to cheer Gao Zheng.
In his opinion, how about scoring only one goal?
He is also a forward in the team. In his view, the indefatigable pursuit of goals is the instinct of any forward.
He believes that Coach Gao will not just be satisfied with scoring one goal!
“Cavani!!!” The
Naples fans cheered over the Sao Paulo stadium.
Such loud cheers have sounded for the third time in this game.
This person really can’t see Gao Zheng.
Even if Gao Zheng has scored Buffon’s goal, he will be happy as long as he hears that someone else can threaten Gao Zheng. What kind of mentality is this!
“Sharavi has not scored a goal in this game so far. While everyone is pinning his hopes 杭州夜生活网 of defeating Gao, Cavani has unknowingly surpassed him! Sixteen goals vs. seventeen goals ! ”
at Juventus Arena, Wang Lu Bing conspire easy ear, whispered:” Cavani hat-trick, and now he was sixteen league goals, only one less than the high Zheng ball ”
,” so fierce? “Wang Yixing was a little surprised, then h


s of statistics, but in terms of the course of the game, he is very angry.
No, can’t you be more accurate?
Really go out without picking up the scope, headshot casually, the master of basket stroke?
20 to 29
looked at the scoreboard tonight, O’Neill felt he had no love up
because this night, before the game and he imagined the same as 8 large.
As the final battle in 1996, after coming to Philadelphia, O’Neill honestly shut himself in the hotel, in order to recharge his energy and finish his work.
Blasted the 76ers and watched the kid named Su Ming thief crying under his elbow.
If the score can be opened in advance, O’Neal even wants to help Kobe brush a wave of data.
That’s right! As an imaginative big man, O’Neill has arranged 10,000 ways to die for Su Feng.
“Now is the break time, ladies and gentlemen, let us take a look at how our’Philadelphia hero’, Su Feng, stabbed the giant Shaq O’Neal with one sword!”
In the first quarter of the game. At the end, the 76ers’ live DJ started to hide again.
The big screen on the scene kept playing the ball that Su Feng smashed after shaking 杭州夜生活论坛 off O’Neal.
Listening to the loss and loss of the game, O’Neal didn’t mention how angry it was.
Which led to his Wohuo is that after playing this video three times, also broadcast live big screen lore that in mind when the time to play the Lakers on Su Feng
“very calm and quiet, this is our ‘hero Philadelphia’!
In When he cast this lore, Su closed his eyes in advance. He said after the game that it was because he felt that this goal would definitely be made! The
entire Pennsylvania will remember this lore, ladies and gentlemen, you guys. What are you waiting for?
Hurry up and vote for our’hero.’ Isn’t he worthy of the All-Star?”
“All-star! All-star! All-star!”
God horse?
Kobe was stunned.
O’Neal was shaking with anger.
Oh Modi, is there a way of canvassing votes like yours?
In fact, O’Neal had forgotten 杭州夜网论坛 that before the game tonight, the scene of Su Feng, Ewin


eters away.
Of course, under the interference of the Frankfurt players, 杭州龙凤 the kick went flying without any suspense.
“Werder Bremen didn’t have any good offensive methods. After Frankfurt contracted the defense, Schaff replaced the more versatile striker Krasnic in the penalty zone, so that there was no bridgehead on the offensive. Rong is an assaulting second forward and is not suitable for being a center. Without Krasnic in front of him to help him attract the opponent’s defensive attention, he becomes a center and directly faces the opponent’s dense defense. This is not Rong. The accustomed way of fighting” commentator Marcel Leif talked about analyzing the current situation for everyone.
“I even think that Schaff is a failure. The person he should replace is not Krasnic, but Rong! Although Rong has scored more goals than Krasnic, he is not suitable for the current tactical environment. In the next game, I 杭州桑拿网 replaced Krasznic and left a honour. I think this decision to replace will definitely make Lehman very happy.”
A close-up shot was broadcasted on the TV to Falakford’s coach Willie Lehman.
Willie Lehman is indeed in a good mood now.
Although before the game, he has developed tactics and plans, requiring the team 杭州夜生活网 to take all three points at home. But he didn’t expect this three-pointer to come so easily.
Just eleven minutes into the game, the team took the lead with a penalty kick.
And Werder Bremen was sent off a central defender.
In order to ensure the integrity of the defense, Schaaf replaced center Krasnic and let the glory be in front so that the threat to Frankfurt’s goal was greatly reduced.
At this time, Frankfurt’s defense of Glory is simple-that is, he is determined not to turn around.
Rongguang has now become the top center, but this is definitely not what he is good at.
Centers need to hold the ball with their backs, most of the time with their backs to the goal. When they face the goal head-on, they do the job of sprinting for points.
But this thing, Rongguang


l of the season. He has scored in two consecutive games!” The Sky TV commentator exclaimed with excitement. “Pipo is in perfect condition! Lazio’s defense is equal to zero in front of him! After receiving a pass from Kaka in the penalty area, he turned around and hit the goal. The football passed through goalkeeper Peruzi’s feet and rolled. Goal!”
At the Olympic Stadium in Rome, Inzaghi ran excitedly. In the past two months, he has never been as happy as he is today. What kind of performance can be more exciting?
“Lazio was very tenacious today, facing the powerful AC Milan for 69 minutes. But I have to say that Inzaghi is too good, Kaka’s passing opportunities are not good, but Inzaghi changed it. It became a goal! The previous “Super 杭州洗浴网 Pippo” is finally back!”
“I think many Pippo fans have waited a long time for this day? Andre Shepchenko and Philip Inzaghi, The Milan striker combination that has frightened countless teams is finally complete!” The
more than 10,000 AC Milan fans who followed the team to the Olympic Stadium are the happiest people at this moment. They shouted Inzaghi’s nickname in unison. Cheer for idols.
“Pibo! Pibo!!! Pibo!!!”
Yang Pan warmed up off the court, waiting for Ancelotti’s call at any time. He looked at Inzaghi’s excited face with a headache. Both Zhang Jun and Philip are very good forwards. If he is the head coach, he is not willing to give up anyone. Now these two men are about to “fight” for a starting spot. What should he do when he is caught in the middle?
In this game, Yang Pan did not play in the end. Because although Lazio stubbornly 杭州龙凤 tied the score in the 75th minute, Inzaghi, who was in good shape, shattered Lazio’s last hope with a supplementary shot. It was the 87th minute, Shepchenko made a strong long shot, the goalkeeper let go, and Inzaghi made a supplementary shot. The score of 2:1 was scored by AC Milan to seal the victory.
Ancelotti, who 杭州夜网论坛 intended to strengthen the defense in the last five minutes, replaced Seedorf with Ambrosini, who was mo