to into the cabinets.
On the 22nd, Xiao Yao, who originally planned to train in Philadelphia until May, also came to Toronto.
In Xiao Yao’s words, it is this kind of opportunity to watch Feng Ge’s match by prostitutes.
How could he miss this opportunity to learn Feng Ge’s play at close range?
Although, the arrival of Xiao Yao has increased Su Feng’s workload in cooking recently,
but as an excellent cook, Su Feng enjoys it.
Especially looking at 杭州夜生活网 Xiao Yao, who is getting stronger day by day under his careful feeding.
“Oh, look at my damn seniority!” In the
past two days, Xiao Yao was calling out to Feng Ge, one by one, not to mention how happy Su Feng was in his heart.
On the morning of the 23rd, the Raptors officially announced the team’s 13-man roster for the playoffs.
After “Wolong” and “Phoenix” and Davis finally discussed, Irvin Williams at the shooting guard position was excluded from the Raptors’ playoff roster this year.
And veteran Tiny Boggs is on the last train of the Raptors playoff roster.
The 13-man roster for the Raptors playoffs is as follows:
Center: Big Ben, Batll, Max.
Power forwards: O’Neal, Thomas, Davis.
Small forwards: Su Feng, Slater.
Shooting guards: Carter, Curry.
Point guards: McGrady, Nash, Boggs.
This season, Bater played 杭州桑拿按摩网 only 22 regular season games with the Raptors, averaging 2.2 points and 1.4 rebounds per game.
However, as one of the Raptors’ secret weapons against O’Neal, Bater is the first player to be ranked by Davis in the team’s playoffs list in addition to the Raptors’ main players.
Davis took a fancy to Batur’s innate strength as a 杭州桑拿论坛 Mongolian warrior.
In Davis’s view, it doesn’t matter if Batel can’t defend O’Neal. Anyway, as long as he can get that shark mentality, the Raptors have already made a lot of money.
In addition, veteran Boggs did not make many appearances in the regular season.
Just considering that when the Raptors were playing the Nets this year, Francis made a guard line that could not t


s of statistics, but in terms of the course of the game, he is very angry.
No, can’t you be more accurate?
Really go out without picking up the scope, headshot casually, the master of basket stroke?
20 to 29
looked at the scoreboard tonight, O’Neill felt he had no love up
because this night, before the game and he imagined the same as 8 large.
As the final battle in 1996, after coming to Philadelphia, O’Neill honestly shut himself in the hotel, in order to recharge his energy and finish his work.
Blasted the 76ers and watched the kid named Su Ming thief crying under his elbow.
If the score can be opened in advance, O’Neal even wants to help Kobe brush a wave of data.
That’s right! As an imaginative big man, O’Neill has arranged 10,000 ways to die for Su Feng.
“Now is the break time, ladies and gentlemen, let us take a look at how our’Philadelphia hero’, Su Feng, stabbed the giant Shaq O’Neal with one sword!”
In the first quarter of the game. At the end, the 76ers’ live DJ started to hide again.
The big screen on the scene kept playing the ball that Su Feng smashed after shaking 杭州夜生活论坛 off O’Neal.
Listening to the loss and loss of the game, O’Neal didn’t mention how angry it was.
Which led to his Wohuo is that after playing this video three times, also broadcast live big screen lore that in mind when the time to play the Lakers on Su Feng
“very calm and quiet, this is our ‘hero Philadelphia’!
In When he cast this lore, Su closed his eyes in advance. He said after the game that it was because he felt that this goal would definitely be made! The
entire Pennsylvania will remember this lore, ladies and gentlemen, you guys. What are you waiting for?
Hurry up and vote for our’hero.’ Isn’t he worthy of the All-Star?”
“All-star! All-star! All-star!”
God horse?
Kobe was stunned.
O’Neal was shaking with anger.
Oh Modi, is there a way of canvassing votes like yours?
In fact, O’Neal had forgotten 杭州夜网论坛 that before the game tonight, the scene of Su Feng, Ewin


adrid fans.
Everyone thinks that he is a real “Real Madridist”.
He cheered for the success of Real Madrid, did not conceal his emotions, will also feel sad and frustrated for the failure of Real Madrid, and will never congratulate Real Madrid’s mortal enemy.
In a sense, in fact, he is also a “brain 杭州桑拿按摩论坛 fan” of Real Madrid.
This game was generally optimistic about Real Madrid before the game, and he thinks so too.
As the result of the game progressed, he did not watch that way, he felt danger, which made him very unhappy.
But at this moment, the Chinese appeared ghostly in front of him, and mocked himself with victory.
“Coward? Huh? Who is the coward?!” He pointed to his nose and smiled.
This is simply adding fuel to the fire!
Javier Martinez suddenly stood up from his seat-after the game just now, he couldn’t stand up without his strength, but now he seems to be resurrected in a state of full blood.
“What are you talking about, Chinaman?! “Javier Rodríguez Martinez gritted his teeth.
The reporters around him reacted. The Spanish reporter went to La Martinez, while the Chinese reporter protected Liu Elephant.
Protected by his compatriots behind, Liu Daxiang’s mouth was not idle. He was still shouting to Martinez: “Who said Rong would not appear on the right before the game? Who said Rong is a coward? Who is it? Ah?! Are you courageous to say that you have the courage to admit it? Coward! Look at his performance in this game! He played on the right, 杭州品茶 your world’s number one left-back can’t raise his head! Even halftime Pass!!! What qualifications do you have to say that he is a coward in front of Rong?!”
Liu Xiangxiang echoed through the media with a strong accent in Spanish, but it seemed to hit everyone’s heart.
He was right.
In the first half of this game, although no goals were scored, everyone’s glorious performance was obvious to all.
Because of his activity on the right, Roberto Carlos had almost no decent assists in the first half. Because the speed of Rongguang is t


Everything is natural and natural.
Cristiano Ronaldo is on the court with his hands on his hips, looking up at the sky.
When Gao Zheng was on the court, he was so proud that he finally forced you out.
As a result, the result of the forced out was that the three-pointer was lost,
but Ronaldo’s feeling in his heart was a little different from before.
If it were to be replaced with the previous one, he would definitely curse and be very dissatisfied with the result.
He even waved his arms to his teammates 杭州夜生活网 to express his dissatisfaction.
Then he was filmed by the televised footage, which became the evidence of his “turning the pot to his teammates again” after the game.
But today, he didn’t do it.
The three-pointer he got turned into one made him very angry, but he had some complicated emotions in his heart.
This goal shows 杭州洗浴网 that Gao Zheng’s state is back and that he is still the one he was before the injury.
Because he hasn’t completely defeated him yet, if he just fell down like this, wouldn’t he have been unable to repay his hatred?
During Gao Zheng’s injury time, the most worried person was his fans, Chinese fans, and his relatives and friends. This is true.
But Cristiano Ronaldo is also the person most worried about him.
Now that Gao Zheng is in such a hot state after his comeback, judging from his performance in the game, he can’t see the impact of injuries.
Ronaldo put a little snack.
He and Gao Zheng can continue to tear on the court.
Although he himself is thirty-two years old, he firmly believes that his state and physical fitness can be maintained for a long time, and he has time to fight Gao Zheng.
Gao Zheng equalized in the 87th 杭州龙凤 minute. If injury time is included in the end of the game, there is actually a little time left.
If Real Madrid makes a desperate fight in the end, it cannot be said that there is no possibility of scoring another goal.
But perhaps Real Madrid has been scared by Gao Zheng, or Real Madrid players thought of Gao Zheng’s goa


scored eight 杭州洗浴网 goals, one less than Glory.
Later, he moved to Manchester City and did not participate in the Champions League in the first season. The best scorer in the Champions League that season was Messi.
That season, Messi and Barcelona won the Champions League together. Messi scored nine goals in the Champions League and won the top scorer.
At that time, some media joked that after glory was not there, everyone was a little unaccustomed to the Champions League’s top scorer’s goals
. Last season, glory and Manchester City returned to the Champions League together. Although Manchester City eventually fell in the semi-finals, glory. But once again won the Champions League’s top scorer. His number of goals is an astonishing fifteen!
He is only two goals away from the record he set.
Later, everyone thought that if Manchester City finally reached 杭州夜生活论坛 the final, Rongguang would at least be able to tie his own record of 17 goals, or maybe he could set a new record.
As long as Rongguang participates in the Champions League, he can win the Champions League top scorer.
Even someone can get close to him.
In the 20072008 season, if it weren’t for a serious injury to glory and missed all the Champions League knockout games, Cristiano Ronaldo’s eight goals would not even want to chase glory.
Now, there is finally a person who can be in the Champions League goalscorer list!
So will glory lose the glorious tradition of “as long as he participates in the Champions League, he will definitely be the top scorer”?
The duel between two superstars will ultimately be judged in this most intuitive way, which is really something to look forward to.
And maybe the matchup between the two players like sparks hitting the earth will ultimately determine who is the champion of the UEFA Champions League this season.
Their outstanding performance will be that their respective teams are the most dazzling jewel in the crown!
Chapter 311 Dare to Directly Look at the
Time Entering the middle of May, the ma


eters away.
Of course, under the interference of the Frankfurt players, 杭州龙凤 the kick went flying without any suspense.
“Werder Bremen didn’t have any good offensive methods. After Frankfurt contracted the defense, Schaff replaced the more versatile striker Krasnic in the penalty zone, so that there was no bridgehead on the offensive. Rong is an assaulting second forward and is not suitable for being a center. Without Krasnic in front of him to help him attract the opponent’s defensive attention, he becomes a center and directly faces the opponent’s dense defense. This is not Rong. The accustomed way of fighting” commentator Marcel Leif talked about analyzing the current situation for everyone.
“I even think that Schaff is a failure. The person he should replace is not Krasnic, but Rong! Although Rong has scored more goals than Krasnic, he is not suitable for the current tactical environment. In the next game, I 杭州桑拿网 replaced Krasznic and left a honour. I think this decision to replace will definitely make Lehman very happy.”
A close-up shot was broadcasted on the TV to Falakford’s coach Willie Lehman.
Willie Lehman is indeed in a good mood now.
Although before the game, he has developed tactics and plans, requiring the team 杭州夜生活网 to take all three points at home. But he didn’t expect this three-pointer to come so easily.
Just eleven minutes into the game, the team took the lead with a penalty kick.
And Werder Bremen was sent off a central defender.
In order to ensure the integrity of the defense, Schaaf replaced center Krasnic and let the glory be in front so that the threat to Frankfurt’s goal was greatly reduced.
At this time, Frankfurt’s defense of Glory is simple-that is, he is determined not to turn around.
Rongguang has now become the top center, but this is definitely not what he is good at.
Centers need to hold the ball with their backs, most of the time with their backs to the goal. When they face the goal head-on, they do the job of sprinting for points.
But this thing, Rongguang


l of the season. He has scored in two consecutive games!” The Sky TV commentator exclaimed with excitement. “Pipo is in perfect condition! Lazio’s defense is equal to zero in front of him! After receiving a pass from Kaka in the penalty area, he turned around and hit the goal. The football passed through goalkeeper Peruzi’s feet and rolled. Goal!”
At the Olympic Stadium in Rome, Inzaghi ran excitedly. In the past two months, he has never been as happy as he is today. What kind of performance can be more exciting?
“Lazio was very tenacious today, facing the powerful AC Milan for 69 minutes. But I have to say that Inzaghi is too good, Kaka’s passing opportunities are not good, but Inzaghi changed it. It became a goal! The previous “Super 杭州洗浴网 Pippo” is finally back!”
“I think many Pippo fans have waited a long time for this day? Andre Shepchenko and Philip Inzaghi, The Milan striker combination that has frightened countless teams is finally complete!” The
more than 10,000 AC Milan fans who followed the team to the Olympic Stadium are the happiest people at this moment. They shouted Inzaghi’s nickname in unison. Cheer for idols.
“Pibo! Pibo!!! Pibo!!!”
Yang Pan warmed up off the court, waiting for Ancelotti’s call at any time. He looked at Inzaghi’s excited face with a headache. Both Zhang Jun and Philip are very good forwards. If he is the head coach, he is not willing to give up anyone. Now these two men are about to “fight” for a starting spot. What should he do when he is caught in the middle?
In this game, Yang Pan did not play in the end. Because although Lazio stubbornly 杭州龙凤 tied the score in the 75th minute, Inzaghi, who was in good shape, shattered Lazio’s last hope with a supplementary shot. It was the 87th minute, Shepchenko made a strong long shot, the goalkeeper let go, and Inzaghi made a supplementary shot. The score of 2:1 was scored by AC Milan to seal the victory.
Ancelotti, who 杭州夜网论坛 intended to strengthen the defense in the last five minutes, replaced Seedorf with Ambrosini, who was mo


story of Gao Zheng, and Feng Shiyao who sang the commercial was the only connection between them, right?
Yu Fei secretly turned his head and glanced at his girlfriend, and found that she did not know when she was already asleep.
So he decided to check on Weibo. At the very least, he had to know what happened that caused him to sleep up all night, okay?
Otherwise, I can’t sleep with my eyes!
You can’t close your eyes even after you sleep. Are you 杭州桑拿按摩网 willing or unwilling?
Yu Fei boarded Weibo.
Then, before I had time to watch the list of hot search topics, I saw that the people who followed him on the homepage received money, and they were only talking about one thing in a tacit understanding. Gao Zheng and Feng Shiyao announced that they were together!
Together? 杭州桑拿按摩论坛
Together? !
Gao Zheng: “Hello everyone, let me introduce to you, this is my girlfriend. @冯诗瑶”, the following is a picture of Feng Shiyao.
Feng Shiyao: “Hello everyone, let me introduce to you, this is my boyfriend. @高峥”, the photo of Gao Zheng is attached below.
Yu Fei’s mouth was big enough to fit an egg easily.
He finally knew why the boss said it was a trouble.
This is definitely messing up! !
The popular fried chicken in the domestic football and music circles held hands together in this way, and then even made official announcements on Weibo.
I fucking woke up in the middle of the night and didn’t sleep, just to escort you to show your affection! ?
Full of grief and indignation, he couldn’t help posting a Weibo: “In the middle of the night, he called out to expand the server capacity, and he looked confused and didn’t 杭州品茶 know why. It turned out that the two of you show affection, begging you next time, love anytime. Nengxiu, can you try your best to stay within the eight-hour working hours? A hard-working programmer stays.”
Then @ got the two parties involved .
Then he angrily buttoned off the laptop screen, undressed and went to bed.
When he was lying on the bed and looking at the ceiling, his brain rea


hday. For the goalkeeper, thirtieth is the golden age. The club’s consideration is to continue to let Anke be the main goalkeeper, let Rensinger take exercise outside, and prepare to take Anke’s class. The purpose of recalling Rensinger this season is to cultivate his feelings for Bayern Munich, so as not to wander around for a long time and forget where he came from. This is not without warning. The original full-back Lahm was on loan for a long time, and his feelings for Bayern Munich faded, allowing Florence to take advantage of it. Later, he saw his performance in Florence as a high-level club. The intestines 杭州桑拿论坛 are all regretful.
Because of this, the relationship between Anke and Rensinger is very tense. Anke is nothing. The key is that Rensinger’s mind is a little small. He is always worried about this, so Kahn has to try his best to make a bowl of water in front of the two people, and mentally hope that Rensinger will be loaned out sooner.
That’s why Kahn wanted to “look for opportunities” to talk to Anke.
After training on this day, Anke took a shower in the locker room. At first, he took a shower, but then he was in a daze underwater. The strange changes in his body recently made him, an optimistic person by nature, unable to laugh anymore. He was somewhat aware of the seriousness of the problem, and a premonition of deep insecurity quietly emerged.
Today’s training was reprimanded by Kahn because his performance was really bad. What will happen if the situation continues? Anke didn’t dare to think about it for the first time.
It took more than half an hour to finish the bath. When I came out, there was no one in the dressing room. Everyone was gone, only himself. An Ke wrapped a bath towel around his lower body and sat in a chair to continue in a 杭州洗浴网 daze. He didn’t want to go home in a hurry. Every time he saw Lin Jia’s worried eyes, he felt particularly dazzling, making his mind more upset.
Kahn closed the door of his office, the work of the day was over, and the res


llen Serie A is not worth mentioning, and the outstanding performance in that declining league is nothing to prove. La Liga and Serie A are no longer a league at all.
In the transfer market this summer, Barcelona’s lack of interest in Gao Zheng fully illustrates this point. A club 杭州桑拿按摩论坛 like Real Madrid would actually have a relationship with a club like Sampdoria for a Chinese player. In comparison, Barcelona is worthy of being a real giant and a real giant would not let himself condescend to be with those second- and third-rate. Dealing with clubs.
Finally, the “Daily Sports Daily” welcomed Gao Zheng meaningfully: “Welcome to Xichao, Chinese!”
Note 1: The transfer fee for Neymar here is 57 million euros instead of the eleven million euros reported by “Marca”, nor is the eight thousand six hundred. Ten thousand euros argument. So Neymar’s transfer fee is far below Gao Zheng.
Chapter 17 Translation
Xu Xin stood on the training ground. Next to him were the team’s head coach Diego Simeone and the other coaches of the coaching staff.
He was a little excited, but not because he was so close to Simeone.
As a player 杭州夜生活论坛 of Atletico Madrid B team, this is not the first time Xu Xin has trained with the first team. Although this is his first pre-season training with the first team, it can’t make him so excited.
If he were to be excited about this, he would have been excited since July 4th, and he received a call from his agent, telling him that Simeone had 杭州龙凤 transferred seven players from the youth team to the first team to train with the team. The reason why seven people were transferred in one breath is because the players in the team who participated in the World Cup are not yet able to return to the team, and there are too few first-team players.
And it’s just following the team’s training. In August, the team will go to the United States to play a warm-up match. It is not certain whether it can go to the United States with the team.
There is only one reason for Xu Xin’s excitement, that is, he is a